Two less-than-perfect cats prove special needs cats need love

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If you ask me, cats with special needs are really special. Not only do they tug at our heartstrings, but they also show us that having special needs doesn’t necessarily mean you have special needs. These cats are often brave, resilient, and beautiful. Once we open our homes and hearts to these cats, we can show them that they have a place and never have to worry about living without a roof over their heads again.

This adorable duo is named Paw and Paisley, and they have changed human lives forever in ways they never imagined. Sadly, Paisley crossed the Rainbow Bridge last March, but her spirit and legacy still lives on in the hearts of many. I wanted to visit Poe and Paisley’s owners and share their story. These two kittens proved to the world that cats with special needs should be exempt from euthanasia.



The late Paisley.

How did Poe come into your life?

Poe was born at 4-6 weeks old, already paralyzed and unable to see his mother.

tells us about Poe’s special needs.

Poe was taken to the vet the same day he was brought into care, and the doctor told me that he was likely born with nerve damage, as there were no broken bones or other problems on exam or x-rays.

Where did Poe get his adorable name?

Poe’s name was given to him by our rescue partner and we love it – four years on, we can’t imagine him having any other name.

What is Poe’s personality?

He loves mice and catnip toys, he doesn’t miss people right away, and whenever he comes out from under the bed to meet someone, he always looks back at me to make sure I’m there.


Foster babies, catnip toys, and scaring mice.

How are these animals getting along?

Poe and Paisley have been together since they were adopted and are very close.

What do you wish people knew about Poe and Paisley?

Poe loves to climb and jump off things, even though he can’t use his back legs and he makes faces three times a day.

Special thanks to Poe and Paisley’s owners for allowing us to share their stories and pictures with Cattitude Daily readers. For more information about Poe, be sure to visit his Instagram page.

All Images Courtesy of poe.tential on Instagram

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