Vituzzo, a ginger cat who learned to live on a prosthetic leg

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Vituzzo is a ginger tabby cat living in Milan, Italy. Until December 2018, he lived a perfectly normal feline life with his family’s two humans. But on December 20, 2018, the poor kitty was accidentally hit by a running car. To make matters worse, the pet’s parents were out of town on their honeymoon at the time. Poor Vituzzo was immediately rushed to the veterinary clinic, but the vets were unable to save his back legs.


Photo of Vituzzo before the tragic accident…

A year later, in December 2019, Vituzzo was fitted with a new prosthetic leg and was able to act like the cat he once was. Despite his injuries, Vituzzo is still happy, energetic, and loves to love and be loved.

Adorable Vituzzo resting on the couch, photographed shortly after the accident….

His family created an Instagram account for him so others could follow his journey. Known in the social media world as Vituzzo Superstar, Vituzzo is doing what many cats do and learning to adapt to life with the help of his newly implanted prosthetic legs.

Shortly after Vituzzo received his specially designed and fitted prosthetic leg…

As you can see, Vituzzo is walking around the house just like any other cat. From following his humans around to simply being adorable, Vituzzo is still a happy cat at heart.

Water from the tap is the cat’s favorite food!

While you are surfing or typing, the cat will keep you company.

Vituzzo likes to spend Saturday nights in his new chair at ……. It’s totally cat nature!

What cat doesn’t like a nice box?

Mommy scratch me? Of course, every cat loves it!

I am glad that this cat didn’t give up the best life because it was different or struggling. Vituzzo, you are definitely a superstar kitty in my book.

Want to see Vituzzo living his best life? Follow him on Instagram @VituzzoSuperstar.

All images courtesy of Vituzzo Superstar on Instagram

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