Tiny Little Kitten Turns Beautiful Cat and Finds Dream Home

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A tiny little kitten transformed into a beautiful cat and found her dream home.

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens


Late last year, a litter of kittens arrived at the Central Florida Foster Kitten Center. The tuxedo kitten was 9 weeks old, but only as big as a 2 1/2- to 3-week-old cat. Danielle, a foster volunteer who works with animals in the area, took him in.

Danielle writes, “He had no tail (Manx syndrome), had a very adorable, strange peach-colored coat, ears twice as big as the rest of him, and was a quarter the size of his siblings.”

The kitten, named Seb, was stunted by health problems that impaired his growth and development. He was unusually small for a kitten of his age, fitting into an average coffee cup. During the first two weeks of being taken in by his foster family, Seb’s body was unable to absorb nutrients from his diet, and as a result, he had growth problems.

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

While giving him nutritional supplements and medications, Daniel continued to search for a good quality food that would fit his gut.” Daniel adds. ‘There were so many unknowns with this sweet boy and my biggest concern was how to turn him into a healthy adult.

Tests revealed a severe gastrointestinal infection. His little body was already overburdened and he was unable to absorb nutrients from his diet.”

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

Still, the tuxedo boy is living each day to the fullest.” His favorite thing to do is to snuggle up against your shoulder or hand. He especially likes to cuddle, and he shivers and rolls over on his own.” Hilariously adorable to watch.

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

After 36 days, various medications, supplements, food changes, and teamwork from the rescue group, this little fighter was finally able to join the one-pound club.

Says Daniel, “If there’s one thing this has taught me, it really does take a village to help.”

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

This kitten has won the hearts of everyone she meets, including the kittens who live here. Rae, a ginger tabby, didn’t like her foster home, but when she met Seb, this little tuxedo looked different.

Rae doesn’t like to snuggle with people or other kittens, but when this little guy snuggled up to her, she didn’t mind and decided to become a napping companion.” Daniel writes. ‘My heart grew ten times bigger that day.

An ultrasound revealed the cause of the kitten’s gastrointestinal problems. The kitten’s malabsorption was due to chronic inflammation, which was preventing her from gaining weight. With a special diet to treat it, things began to improve.

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He began to gain weight, his coat became glossy, and his energy increased dramatically.” It was wonderful to watch him grow and become a “normal” cat in a matter of months.

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

At five months old, Little Warrior Kitty was officially over 3.25 pounds.

Not only had his gastrointestinal issues improved dramatically, but his coat had finally gone from “peach fuzz” to a gorgeous smooth coat. His paws are growing fast and his energy is like night and day!”

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

Although the kitten’s growth has skyrocketed, some things never change. That is, they stick to Daniel and follow him around the house like little shadows.

Seb has been with me since shortly after Thanksgiving.” We’ve had more bumps than the roller coaster at Busch Gardens, but we’ve gotten through it. He’s gone from a skinny, big-eared kitten to a big, smooth, loving cat.”

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

This tuxedoed boy is obsessed with “helping” Danielle with her daily tasks. Whenever she turns on the computer, the kitten jumps into her lap or snuggles into her arms and stretches out his paws.

I’ve even convinced her to put her bed next to the MacBook and sleep there.” So far, ……. I have not been successful.”

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

After eight months of struggle, Seb grew up and became a beautiful kitten. He became attached to his foster mother and gave her the same love and affection.

When it came time to consider adoption, Danielle knew that her little pride and joy had found a forever home with her.

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

“This tiny, tail-less, lovable tuxedo boy is always twitching and purring in my heart. He has brought me to tears, made me laugh, and lost countless hours of sleep,” Danielle wrote.

There were many days when I doubted if I could save him, but his drive and fighting spirit showed me the way again and again.”

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

“As the day of separation approached,” Daniel added, “I knew in my heart that I couldn’t do it. This little guy brought me endless joy and showed me what never giving up can do.”

Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

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