Why do cats and yoga go together?

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Inhale and exhale deeply. Lift your hips and become a downward facing dog. This mantra is all too familiar to yoga practitioners, but this simple mantra is also for another member of your family: your cat. Whenever and wherever you do yoga, your cat will come running to you. Find out why cats love yoga.

Cats love yoga mats.


Roll out your yoga mat and within seconds your cat will be on it. It’s not widely known, but pets love the soft scent of a yoga mat. After you use your yoga mat, your body’s scent will linger on the yoga mat. We may not be able to smell our own unique scent, but furry cats can. Additionally, cats love the soft feel of a yoga mat, so they can comfortably knead, scratch, or paw at it.

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Cats Love to Watch You Exercise

Cats are curious creatures, so they are intrigued when they see their humans in unusual poses. If you are in a perfectly planked pose, they will hover over it or smell your outstretched legs. Your senses are stimulated, and the human hideouts and obstacles created by yoga poses are like pop-up jungle gyms.

Attention grabbing.

There’s a reason cats want to sit in the middle of your yoga mat or rub your face when you’re desperately trying to stay calm. They want to pet you and get affection in return. Maybe they don’t like that they are not the center of attention, or maybe they just want to be the object of constant affection.

They are like that by nature.

Of course, cats may just want to set an example for us. Cats are natural yogis. They stretch and contort their bodies into different shapes to stay flexible. Seeing you imitate the cat’s movements, the cat might want to try it with you. Perhaps they may even think they are helping you!

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What if your cat annoys you?

Your cat may just see what you are doing and want to have fun with you. You can tease them with a toy before you start practicing, or practice yoga while your cat is sleeping or at another time. You can even buy a yoga mat specifically for cats to keep them from doing yoga. But if you can’t stop them, cuddle them. The pleasure you get from spending time with your cat is a wonderful reward for the yoga practice that already makes you feel better.

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