A couple went to a concert, but when they got home they found a cat snuggled in their arms

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A couple went to a concert but when they got home they found a cat snuggled in their arms.

Tiffany McClure


A year ago in October, Tiffany McClure and her husband went to see Ed Sheeran in concert in Chicago. Before the event, they were wandering the streets and passed by the Anti-Cruelty Society’s adoption center when they were drawn to the kittens there.

Tiffany told Love Meow, “We had an hour or so, so we went downstairs and went into the senior cat room. All the cats there were at least 10 years old. They were resting, napping, and watching the day go by.

When the couple walked into the room, some of the cats had opened their eyes from their afternoon slumber, but were still lying on their warm beds watching their new visitors.

However, a thumb-sized orange tabby cat stood up and walked right up to Tiffany’s husband and extended his paw.

Tiffany McClure

The ginger boy was immediately picked up. He insisted on being picked up and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was picked up and made it clear he didn’t want to be put down again,” Tiffany said.

The couple attended the concert but kept their kitty friend in their thoughts. There was a pet supply store across the street, which they took as a sign.

“We enjoyed Ginger’s performance at the concert and then drove home from Chicago with our own Ginger in the car.

Tiffany McClure

They named the cat Ferdinand, and he was sky-high and very friendly. They soon found out that it loves to cuddle. Tiffany told Love Meow, “I can’t cuddle cats 24/7, so that responsibility falls on my teenage daughter.

Tiffany told Love Meow, “She took one look at Ferdi and picked him up. She took one look at Ferdie and immediately picked him up and took him to her room and closed the door. Ferdie was 100 percent compliant with the catnapping.”

Tiffany McClure

More than a year has passed and these two best friends are completely inseparable.

He sleeps with her and when she sits on the couch, he stares at her until she makes room for him to sit on her lap. He never sat next to her. He would either sit on her or do nothing.”

Tiffany McClure

Once, her daughter went away to summer camp for a week. When she returned, Ferdinand ran over to her and climbed on top of her for a hug.

Ferdinand snuggled into her arms and fell asleep.

Tiffany McClure

I’ve had many cats, starting with kittens. Ferdi was my first senior cat: says Tiffany.

She was the most affectionate, laid back, purring, happy kitten I’ve ever met.

Tiffany McClure

They went to a concert and came back as the perfect new addition to the family.

Tiffany McClure

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