Miranda Lambert and Husband Throw Everything Away to Rescue Stray Kitten Near Highway

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Miranda Lambert and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, are known for their love of music and animals.

Music and mongrel dogs,” she says, “are my two greatest passions. She says!


This past July, they added another furry member to their family, but this dog is not wagging his tail.

furry hitchhikers

The couple revealed on Instagram that they found the kitten on a recent road trip.

Brandon was traveling 70 mph on a two-lane, one-way highway in Texas when he suddenly slowed down to make a U-turn.

Lambert asked, “Why did you make a U-turn?” I said.

He replied to his wife, ” Because there was a kitten in the road and I knew if I didn’t stop to look at it, you would kill me.”

“That must have influenced his rescue,” he said. She joked.

The two quickly grabbed the kitten off the road and pulled it safely into the truck.

Courtesy of @mirandalambert/Instagram

little champions

On their way home, they visited Miranda’s parents.

Surprisingly, her parents were also charmed by the furry new kitten.

She happily told them, “Daddy has a new best friend,” and posted a photo of the two snuggling together.

Then she headed home.

During the car ride, her current kitten and her new kitten bonded.

She said, “This kitten drove nine hours back to Nashville with us and three dogs, and he was a very good boy.”

Courtesy of @mirandalambert/Instagram

Can I keep him?

The adorable kitten, officially named Tequila, has fit in perfectly with Lambert McLaughlin’s family.

Since being adopted, Miranda has been posting pictures of Tequila’s antics and mischievousness online.

She jokes that Tequila goes from cute to “mean” in an instant and posted a video of Tequila “attacking” her hand.

Tequila’s brother dog, Delta Dawn, is just like her other siblings, and in the background of the video she can be seen rolling her eyes in both fondness and irritation.

Courtesy of @mirandalambert/Instagram

One door closes, another opens.

Tequila is not the first dog Miranda and Brandon have fostered, and it won’t be the last.

Their big hearts and love for animal foster care

At the end of October, one of their beloved dogs, Willow, died of old age.

Courtesy of @mirandalambert/Instagram

She found Waylon and his sister in Oklahoma in 2008, and on a similar road trip found Agave.

“They were abandoned, starving, and near freezing to death,” she recalled. (The vet) said they probably wouldn’t survive, but they did.”

For the next 13 years, Waylon “was the rock of our family.”

Courtesy of @mirandalambert/Instagram

Passion for Rescue

While Miranda and her family are saddened by Waylon’s passing, they are grateful for the time they were able to spend with him.

Despite knowing the sadness of losing a beloved pet, Miranda and her husband continue to rescue animals in need, like Agave.

Regardless of how much or how little time they spend with their animals, the couple is determined to give them as much love as they can.


Happily Ever After

Needless to say, Agave will enjoy a wonderful life with her new forever family.

She will receive love and hospitality from her sweet mom and dad.

Miranda and her husband are very happy to have rescued Agave!

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