A woman who insisted on rescuing a cat from a troubled life when no one else did

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In a cage at a Los Angeles shelter, Valentino was isolated, depressed and unloved.

Poor Valentino had mange and no one would touch him.


The shelter had limited funds for treatment, and euthanasia seemed to be the only option.

Just when he was about to lose hope, the kindness and devotion of one lady changed his life forever.

Hear how Valentino’s life was saved by a simple act of kindness!

Abandoned and unloved

Valentino came to the shelter suffering from severe mange.

The irritation and itching causes the animal’s fur to fall out and the skin to scab over.

In Valentino’s case, he even had swollen eyes.

To many, he looks like a monster.

But to Elaine Seaman, a shelter visitor and founder of the At-Choo Foundation, he’s as sweet and loving as any other cat.

A tender heart

Elaine’s heart aches for Valentino. It has already endured so much suffering.

As I walk past his cage at the shelter, I see his paws reaching into the bars, begging for someone to love him.

Mange is contagious to humans, but that didn’t stop Elaine from showing Valentino the love he so desperately needed.

She picked Valentino up and held him gently.

I picked him up and he put his little head on my shoulder. And that was it. I had to save him.

Elaine decided to take Valentino in and give him the love and care he needed so he could be adopted.

A heart full of hope

When Valentino was abandoned, many people at the shelter thought he was close to death.

They knew its life would end sooner or later.

However, Valentino came back to life when he realized that someone loved him!

He let out a meow with what little strength he had left.

Elaine knew that this was only the beginning.

Elaine realized that Valentino’s condition was critical, so she took action before Valentino passed out.

Holding Valentino in her arms, she called her friend Toby Wisneski, founder of the organization No Pet Left Behind.

Toby readily agreed to Elaine’s mission to become Valentino’s foster parent.

Thanks to Toby and Elaine’s efforts, Valentino’s life was saved.

Seeing the world with new eyes

When Toby brought Valentino to the veterinary clinic, he could barely move or open his eyes.

But the vets worked tirelessly to provide him with the best medical care possible.

Slowly, his eyes began to open and his strength began to return!

As his energy returned and the effects of his treatment became apparent, Valentino began to re-coat his beautiful fur.

Toby and Elaine knew that behind this poor cat’s serious illness was a beautiful heart that longed for love.

As he recovered, this heart began to show in his appearance!

Valentino made a full recovery and was adopted.

Happy ever after.

Tania Menzinar, who lives in Los Angeles, saw pictures and videos of Valentino online and knew she had to adopt him.

Tania had always loved dogs, but something about Valentino resonated with her.

Tania knew that after a hard life, she could give Valentino special love and attention.

And just like that, Tania became Valentino’s new mom!

Valentino is now a friendly indoor cat, plump and happy in his new home.

He loves to bask in the sun and cuddle with his mom and dog friends.

Valentino’s health is back to normal and Valentino will enjoy a great life ahead in his forever home!

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