Stray kitten runs up to man, chooses him as lifelong companion

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One evening, a ginger kitten left alone at home fell in love with Imgur user PW and ran towards his car.

According to PW, the kitten ran up to him as if it had met an old friend.


PW realized he couldn’t leave her alone in the cold weather, so he picked her up and brought her home.

He put a cozy box in the garage to welcome his sweet new friend.

Meanwhile, PW posted a photo of her on Facebook, hoping she would find an owner.

The next day, he took the ginger kitten to a local animal shelter to check for a microchip.

One of the staff at the shelter explained that he was probably a stray cat and was currently very overcrowded.

This allowed him to have the kitten operated on and vaccinated at a reduced rate.

PW decided to name the kitten Sunshine or Cookie.

It weighed more than two pounds, enough to undergo surgery!

A chance encounter in the parking lot one evening made a man and a kitten very happy.

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