Man Rescues Frozen Cat from Roadside, Makes Forever Friend

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A young man found a cat frozen on the side of the road covered in snow.

Many cars drove by, but no one stopped. He knew he had to help.


‘It was freezing cold, so I wrapped him in a towel and took him back to my car.

I turned up the heat as high as I could and helped him remove the frost from his coat.”

He took her home and warmed her with a blanket by the radiator. He called her Nika and she was very happy to be rescued.

When they arrived at the vet, Nika was six months old and her tail had been severed by frostbite.

‘She knew we were helping her. She was patient, never complained, and was well behaved the whole time.”

Nica is now 8 months old, an active cat who loves to play and run around, and is really enjoying her new life in her new home.

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