Little blind kitten rules the house

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When fosterer Nicole first brought Ethel home, she knew that this special needs kitten would require a lot of attention and love.

Born blind and suffering from hydrocephalus (a condition in which water builds up in the brain), Ethel’s head is tilted back a bit as she is slightly larger than a normal kitten.


When she first arrived at Nicole’s house, Ethel weighed only 1 pound and was the size of Nicole’s hand.

She was not eating well and was severely dehydrated. Nicole gave her nutrition and lots of fluids.

But then she got stronger and gained up to a pound, at which point she began to open up and became the little princess of the family.

Despite being blind, it wasn’t long before Ethel was able to walk around the house.

She loved to climb and became a brave little explorer, pinning her foster mom to the ground.

She loved being the center of attention and Nicole called her her own little diva. One day, Ethel finally showed her mom how happy she was.

Nicole was watching TV when Ethel curled up on her shoulder and snored for the first time, and Nicole’s heart melted once again.

Like all kittens, Ethel loves to play, especially with scratch balls and Nicole’s hair!

Since first arriving at Nicole’s house, Ethel has been growing steadily, with her appetite and energy increasing by the day.

It’s hard not to love this very special kitten.

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