Protected cats who were skinny before finding loving homes

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We often hear stories of cats that have been neglected, abandoned, abused and have had to survive in harsh conditions.

Fortunately, there are many kind people in the world who take care of these cats and give them a chance to find new homes.


Molly was one such person when she found an abandoned cat (now named Diana) in a terrible condition. However, after receiving tons of care and attention, she recovered and now lives in a loving home.

Scroll down to see Dinah’s story and photos of the amazing transformation she has undergone.

When Molly first saw Dinah on the street, she was in terrible shape.

She was like skin and bones. I probably stared at her for four or five days before I really caught her,” she explained.

When the vet examined her, he found she was covered in fleas!

It was severely dehydrated and had an upper respiratory infection.

It also had a very painful ulcer on its tongue, so it’s no surprise that it was struggling to eat and was emaciated.

The vet responded immediately with intravenous fluids, antibiotics and flea medication for Diana.

Soon Diana was a beautiful, strong, healthy kitten.

With the vet’s help, Diana was taken to Stray Cat Alliance, found a foster home, and then a loving family ready to welcome her home.

Her new owner, Rebecca, knows that Diana has been through a lot.

Our cat of 14 years sadly passed away from a heart attack. After mourning her, we decided it was time to give our new kitten a loving home”.

“We visited several shelters, all of which had very sweet cats. When we saw Dinah, all hell broke loose.

She was shy and a little cautious, but she seemed as interested in me as I was in her.

Rebecca recalls how she felt when she first met Dinah.

“She seemed interested in us (my husband and I) but she was very shy and not confident.

We didn’t know much about her background, except that she had been a stray kitten in a shelter and spent some time in a foster home. But eventually, she went back to the shelter.

Being taken in by Rebecca and her family was the fresh start Diana needed.

She quickly became a brave and confident cat, mischievous and happy with her loving family.

She was a furry clown who always made us laugh. She loves to play and follow us around the house.

She loves to ‘help’ with chores like making the bed and doing the dishes. She loves to watch TV with us, and in general, she wants to be a part of whatever is going on.

It’s always heartbreaking to hear about happy endings for rescued dogs.

Now Dinah will live a long and happy life with her loving family.

You can see more of Dinah on Instagram


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