Stray Cat Dumps Six Kittens in Backyard to Give Them a Better Life

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Stray cat abandons 6 kittens in backyard to give them a better life.

Carly, an animal rescue and foster care worker in Nevada, found a litter of kittens outside a friend’s house.


A community cat brought four kittens into the backyard and showed up the next day with two more kittens. This cat was distant from people, but left the kittens on the property as if seeking help.

The six kittens, about five weeks old, were panting in the unbearable heat outside.

The kittens were taken to the backyard, panting in the heat


‘I told my friend that she should bring the kittens inside (the temperature was over 110 degrees). They were dirty, but overall they looked healthy,” Carly told Love Meow.

In addition to caring for the kittens, Carly and her friend are also working to help spay and neuter local cats, including mama cats.


Two weeks later, six kittens came to Carly to continue their foster journey.

They immediately felt at home and made their new home their own. They played around and began wrestling with each other until they were exhausted.

They curled up and cooed and slept.


The six kittens curled up on the big, fluffy bed and cuddled together in a symphony of purrs. This pair of feline siblings washed each other’s faces before slipping into a snooze.

Because it is kitten breeding season, local shelters and rescue organizations are unable to help Carly care for the kittens.


With the help of the online community, Carly was able to get the kittens fully vetted and spayed/neutered once they reached the appropriate age.

Four of the kittens are orange tabby cats (boys), one is a Siamese mix (girl), and one is a land cat (girl).” As if their mother had run out of ink in the printer, each of the orange kittens faded until they were white.


The kittens are named after fast foods: cola, milkshake, vanilla, chicken nugget, cheeseburger, and small fry.

Of these, Small Fry (Cream) makes the loudest crunching noises. It is so loud that it drowns out all the sounds in the room, so it is important to satisfy him first.

The turtle fly is the loudest.


“I think he’s more vocal than any kitten I’ve ever sheltered so that all five of the other kittens can hear him,” Carly told Love Meow.

Cola (Cola) is a terrapin, energetic, smart, and brave.” She has an opinion on everything and tries to break out of every enclosure she has ever been in.

Milkshake and Cola.


In the morning, when Kali comes into the room to let the kittens out of their enclosure, all six kittens go crazy with energy and start running in different directions.

Needless to say, there is never a dull moment for these mischievous troublemakers.

They love to “make cookies” together in their fluffy cat beds.


‘It’s so much fun to watch them all chase each other around for hours like wild kittens. It’s a great feeling to look down at a big pile of exhausted, sleeping kittens.”

The kittens no longer have to spend their days outdoors enduring the elements. The kittens are thriving and growing by leaps and bounds in their foster home.


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