A kitten that came from the outdoors quickly mingled with the dogs that live here and started saying hello to everyone

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A kitten that came from the outdoors quickly mingled with the resident dogs and started saying hello to everyone.

Noah the kitten and Oliver the puppy.



A kitten showed up at a construction site with no home. It was friendly, eager for attention, and eager for food.

The person who found it picked it up and rushed to help. Alison Ilken, a foster at Animal Lovell’s Dream Rescue, learned about the little stray cat. Alison Ilken is a foster at Animal Lovell Dreams Rescue Center.

The kitten, named Noah, weighs less than a pound and has a great personality. I don’t think it has a shy bone in its little body,” she said. Allison told Love Meow.

Noah snuggled up on Oliver’s tummy and fell fast asleep.


It was clear from the start that Noah had a strong desire to not be alone anymore.

I can’t imagine how lonely he felt before he was put into care. Noah was grateful every moment that we took him in and gave him food, love and shelter.”


Noah’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw Oliver, his gentle and sweet pet dog. He ran over to sniff his dog friend before snuggling into Oliver’s tummy.

Oliver snuggled willingly and seemed to know what the kitten needed. Gone were the days of loneliness, empty bellies, itchy fleas and cold nights.

Noah befriended Nicole the pup


Noah became Olive’s little sidekick, following her everywhere. When playing, he would curl up in Olive’s arms or climb up Olive’s arm to get a closer look at her.

When Noah was introduced to the other foster parents in the home, he became a little social butterfly. He greeted Olive with sniffs and rubs, and gently shushed her nose with his paw.

Noah becomes friends with Nicole the dog.


He spent some time with everyone, making sure no one felt left out.

“He was happy to make new friends and seemed to enjoy everyone he met. Even when we welcomed our new foster kitten, he welcomed him with open arms,” Alison told Love Meow.

Noah took Oliver under his wing


Noah first became friends with a foster kitten named Oliver Kenny Cotton, who had been living under a truck for a few weeks. Before Noah adopted him, Oliver was very timid.

When Oliver saw Noah playing and interacting with people with ease, he came out of his shell. He gathered his courage and soon became an affectionate and loving pet.

Noah sheltering Oliver.


“The two have become very close over the past month or so.”

Noah has been in his foster home for more than two months and he is ready to find his home.


“He is the sweetest kitten with the most charming personality. He’s a velcro kitten who loves to be with his human friends whenever possible,” Alison added.

“He’s playful, very outgoing, has a great purr box, and is always looking for a cozy lap to snuggle up in,” Allison added.


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