A family goes looking for a missing cat, but ends up protecting a kitten with cubs instead

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A family went looking for a missing cat, but ended up protecting a kitten instead.

Ariane and John were looking for the missing cat when they got a lead from a neighbor who saw a poster.


While checking one of them, they came across a friendly stray cat that was emaciated and dirty. Seeing how pitiful the cat looked, they couldn’t bear to leave it alone, so they took it into their care and gave it food and water.

The cat greedily devoured the food and ate until it was full. Then, as if to thank them for rescuing it, it purred and rubbed up against the couple.

A hungry stray cat.

Celine @comrescuemontreal

The next day, the kittens were well rested and full. The couple was shocked to find that the cat was showing signs of breastfeeding.

‘The cat had given birth to a litter of kittens. Celine Crome of Chatons Orphelins in Montreal told Love Meow.

The couple immediately asked around their neighborhood to see if anyone knew the cat.

Hestia led rescuers to the kittens, who were hidden in a shed.

Celine @comrescuemontreal

“No one was looking for her. This cat was skinny as a bone from gastroenteritis and wasting away outdoors day by day. She would not have survived outdoors for long.”

The couple returned to the spot where they found the cat, hoping it would lead them to where the kitten was. By the end of the night, the cat seemed to have regained its confidence and began to lead them to the resident’s yard.

Celine @comrescuemontreal

‘It was late that night and the homeowner was already asleep, so the couple decided to return early the next morning with the cat.

When they asked permission to enter the yard, the cat led them straight to the shed. When they opened the door, the cat immediately jumped inside. As it jumped behind the clutter, the couple heard a sudden meow from near the box and found the kitten.

Celine @comrescuemontreal

“This cat, named Hestia, led the rescue team to four babies. They are alive and well.

Chatons Orphelins Montreal has accepted this family of five cats. The kittens were drawn towards their mother and happily nursed on her tummy. The kittens have their own cozy room and loving foster parents are attending to their needs.

Celine @comrescuemontreal.

‘Hestia was bathed and treated for diarrhea. She has made a full recovery.

All four kittens are boys and have grown by leaps and bounds since being released from the hutch.

Celine @comrescuemontreal.

They learned how to run, climb on their feet, and eat big cat food like champions.

Hestia has gained weight and her fur is soft and shiny.” The little guys are gaining weight every day. As soon as a human enters the room, the mother cat “coos” and begs for attention and petting.

Celine @comrescuemontreal.

‘The four siblings sleep, play and explore together.’ Four brothers sleep, play, and explore together.” The four siblings like to mess around when their mom is eating, like little troublemakers.

They are curious and rambunctious, each with their own personality. When you walk into the room, all four of them will run to you at the same time.”

Celine @comrescuemontreal.

Thanks to Arianne and John’s kindness, the mama cat and her kittens no longer have to spend time outdoors every day.

The couple continues to search for the cats, but it is comforting to know that these precious lives were saved.

Celine @comrescuemontreal.

‘This little family was lucky to be saved. Hestia is a wonderful mother and her four kittens are thriving.”

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