A kitten was found seeking help in an industrial area, and weeks later the sisters showed up

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A kitten was found seeking help in an industrial area. A few weeks later, its sister showed up.

A tortoiseshell kitten was found by a kind woman who was spaying and neutering local cats in an industrial area.


The mother cat was nowhere to be found at the time and the kitten was in distress and needed help. Tania, a volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society, told Love Meow.

“She took the kitten home and cared for it for a few weeks until she was sure she had removed all the fleas.”



The warm care helped the kitten, named Gamora, recover and she was taken to the shelter to wait for a foster home. Tania decided to adopt the little tortoiseshell cat.

Weighing less than 300 grams, the kitten needs to be fed by syringe every four hours and has to go to the toilet after eating.


The kitten managed to swallow the milk. Once its stomach was full, it waddled over to take a nap next to its Snuggle Kitty, a battery-operated, heart-pumping, cat-shaped plush soft toy.

Gamora proved to be a busy baker. When she’s not touching my hand, she tries to suck on Snuggle Kitty.

Gamora kneading Snuggle Kitty.


Tootsie is starting to grow up healthy and energetic.

As much as Gamora loved her fake mom, Tania knew that getting another kitten her own age would do wonders for her health and help her learn how to be a cat.

Adorable fawn kitten.


A few days later, the shelter informed us that we had found Gamora’s sister.

Tania was overjoyed and headed to the shelter to pick up her new friend Nebula (both sisters are named after characters from Guardians of the Galaxy).


The good Samaritan who sheltered Gamora never stopped looking for her mother and siblings. One day a gray kitten with the same fur color as Tootsie showed up in the same place, and she quickly scooped it up and protected it.

Nebula was cleaned of pesky fleas and taken to a shelter to be reunited with her sister.


At first, the two kittens were a little unsure of each other, but it didn’t take long for one of them to start moving. Suddenly, they snuggled together as if they had never been apart.

It wasn’t long before they started snuggling together and sleeping side by side.

Nebula and Gamora.


Gamora was the first kitten to accomplish the toileting milestone, while Nebula followed in her sister’s footsteps and started going to the bathroom on her own.

They have also learned to eat out of bowls and they are both the sweetest, so soft, gentle and very cute.”

The two sisters together again.


These sisters are enjoying cuddles in their large front pouch. They like to sit by the window and bask in the sun.

After meals, they wipe each other’s faces and play wrestle in their foster parents’ laps.


The room is always filled with their harmonious meows. When they are tired of playing, they curl up together and purr and fall asleep.


The sisters have a lot ahead of them. When they are old enough to be adopted, they will be spayed or neutered and then find homes together.

With the help of kind rescuers and volunteers, Gamora and Nebula are doing well in their original foster home.


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