Cat and her kittens rescued from milk crate share the new life they dreamed of

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A cat and her kittens rescued from a milk crate. Now they are living the new life they dreamed of.

Flora the cat and Dandelion the kitten.



About a week ago, Little Stray New York received a rescue call for a cat and her three kittens who were living in their backyard. They were being kept in a milk crate in the backyard of a Bronx resident who didn’t know what to do with them.

Volunteers from Little Wanderers NYC were on their feet as soon as they were called.

Little Wanderers NYC volunteers rose to the call, stopped everything they were doing, and went out to meet the cat’s family.

Protected from a milk crate in the backyard.


Upon arriving at their destination, they found two kittens in need of medical attention.

We struggled to save them, but sadly, the two kittens did not survive.” The survival rate for kittens born outdoors is about 25 percent.” The mother, Flora, and her tiger cat, Dandelion, were able to turn things around with a timely rescue.

Flora the feral cat.


Flora was treated for a cold and quickly regained her appetite. She was very patient at the veterinary clinic, as if she knew the staff was trying to help her. She looked around curiously, checking out every nook and cranny.

The adorable mother cat began to relax, realizing that she no longer had to roam the streets and worry about food and shelter.

Flora was happy to be inside


Cat vet looking out the window.

Flora is happy to be home.

Small Stray New York.

Meanwhile, Little Wanderers New York, an all-volunteer rescue organization, reached out to the community to place this mother and daughter in foster care.

Soon a kind family offered to help. They opened their hearts and homes to the mother and daughter. Flora and Dandelion really grew up shortly after their arrival.


‘Flora and her daughter Dandelion are safe and happy in their new foster home. Dandelion is the only survivor of the litter and is a strong kitten.”

This tiger cat girl quickly adapted to cozy indoor living and is full of energy playing and running around. She is still young, but fearless.

Dandelion quickly adjusted to comfortable indoor living.


Mama Flora is at her daughter’s side, giving her baths and washing her face.

After touring her living space, she seemed very content. She especially enjoyed looking out the window and observing the creatures from a safe distance.

Flora enjoys Birdie TV.

@little woofersnyc

Flora is a loving mother to her only fur child. She watches her rowdy kittens scamper around the house and engage in all sorts of antics. Dandelion is immersed in her two favorite activities, switching back and forth between playtime and mommy time.

‘It’s hard to believe that a week ago she was out there fighting for her life.

Flora loves her only fur baby.


In just a few days, Flora began to gain weight and almost fully recovered. Her kitten Dandelion (Dandelion) has grown a lot and her lively, active personality is becoming more pronounced.

She is pleased with all the food she can eat


With the help of many volunteers, this mother and daughter are thriving in their foster home, ready for the wonderful life ahead where food is plentiful and love is endless.


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