Cat waves to everyone she meets at the shelter, hoping someone will take her home

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A friendly ginger cat waves to everyone she meets at the shelter.

Lollipop Farm


A handsome 2-year-old ginger tabby cat named Mayhem made his second visit to the animal welfare organization Lollipop Farm in Fairport, NY, to find a home of his own.

‘Mayhem first came to Lollypop Farm in early June after being abandoned by his owner. He was placed in foster care, but sadly his new home didn’t suit him, so he came back to the shelter,” Lollypop Farm shares with Love Meow.

This ginger boy is full of energy and always looking for something to play with. This feisty kitten’s personality is busyness itself.

Lollypop Farm

While Chaos waited for his dream home, the staff filled his room with toys and fun activities to keep the energetic boy busy. Lollypop Farm added: “We have a huge cat colony. ‘We have a huge cat colony, filled with cat toys, cardboard boxes, and tall towers to climb.’

When the staff walked through the glass doors that lead to the toy-filled territory, Mayhem looked as if to say, ‘Come on inside and play with us! ‘” says Mayhem, pushing on the door with her paw as if to say, “Come on in and play with us! Don’t worry, we’ll play with you. Don’t worry, I’ll play with you.

Lollypop Farm

This intelligent and persuasive tiger cat beckons with such tenacity. Mayhem loves nothing more than to be with people and to play in between naps.

He’s full of energy and needs lots of stimulation to keep him busy.” He may not be for everyone, but I know cat lovers looking for a funky kitty like him.” Lollypop Farm told Love Meow.

Lollypop Farm

Perhaps Mayhem’s love language is playing with his human friends. The staff takes turns touching and playing with Mayhem to reassure him that he is loved. And this little ginger boy reciprocates with some of the best feline entertainment around.

Adds Lollipop Farm, “Mayhem loves to play with his cat toys, especially the ones that look like they’re tied to a wand with a string.”

This handsome little guy embodies the attitude of a ginger cat who craves human affection and for whom play is the ultimate goal.

Watch Mayhem the cat in this adorable video:

This kitten is not shy and demands a lot. She just wants someone to play with her. She would do well in a home with a dog. She will do well in a home with dogs,” said Lollypop Farm.

Lollypop Farm

The shelter is determined to find the right forever loving home for this adorable kitten.

Lollypop Farm’s behavior and training team is working with Mayhem on positive reinforcement and will offer a variety of advice to help this busy kitten live a happy and fulfilling life in her new home.

Lollipop Farm.

Adorable Tiger Tubby continues to search for his perfect home, waving to everyone he meets by the glass door.

“This handsome kitty is sure to find a suitable home where he can play with his cat toys to his heart’s content.”

Lollipop Farm

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