Stray cat refused to accept help until woman found kitten

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A stray cat refused to accept help until rescuers found the kitten behind a bush.

Sparkle Cat Rescue


Late last month, Amber from Amber’s Animal Advocacy found a hungry stray cat foraging for food outside her flat in Burlington, North Carolina. She contacted Stephanie at Shiny Cat Rescue and asked if she could help.

Stephanie responded immediately and arrived on the scene with a humane trap. Our plan was to safely capture the cat, secure it and provide it with the necessary care. However, this clever fancy cat seemed to know how to avoid the trap.

She must have been keeping an eye on me. At one point I turned around and it was standing right next to my car. When I’m in my car, it’s standing on the hill behind my car,” Stephanie told Love Meow.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

The cat wouldn’t accept help, as if something was keeping it away; after two fruitless days, Stephanie followed the cat deep into the bush.

As she set a trap in a new spot, she heard the cat meowing. Stephanie explored the bush and was surprised by the results.

Shiny Cat Rescue.

Now I know why (she didn’t get into the trap). She hid the kitten in the corner between flats,” Stephanie added.

With the help of another rescuer, Christina, they safely trapped the mother cat and carefully dug the kittens out of the area. The kitten family was then taken to the rescue centre and settled in a foster room.

Shiny Cat Rescue Centre.

The cats were still very shy, but they began to relax a little once they knew they were safe.

Volunteers made sure the mother cat had enough food to eat if she wanted to. Calico gulped down her food, seemingly making up for a lost meal.

Sparkle Cat Rescue.

We don’t know what she went through before we got her. She’s a really good mum and takes good care of them,” Brittany from Sparkle Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

Watch the video of the little family:

We sat with her for hours.

Sparkle Cat Rescue.

Calico started exploring her room, even though he was shy. She has volunteers to help her care for the kittens, but she makes sure they are well supervised in their care.

This former stray cat is learning to trust others and is starting to gain confidence. Most importantly she and her kittens are safe.

Sparkle Cat Rescue.

In North Carolina, we’ve had some strange weather, from tornadoes to erratic downpours. Brittany said, “We are so glad the kittens are in their own home, safe, warm, well fed, and loved.

Sweet mama cat loves her cosy new nest and treats. She seems to know the kittens will feel safe and secure.

Shiny Cat Rescue.

The baby cats are starting to open their eyes. Soon they will be able to waddle around the playground and explore.

This family of four will never have to live on the streets again.

Shiny Cat Rescue.

The clever calico cat led the rescue team to the kittens, and now she and her babies are thriving in their foster home.

Sparkle Cat Rescue.

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