A cat that had been living on the streets for years appeared in front of a family’s door and asked to be let into the house

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An orange colored cat appeared in front of a house and asked for help. Its life changed forever.

Jael, who lives in Quebec, Canada, was surprised to find the cat scratching the door of her backyard and asking to be let in. She didn’t see the cat until last Valentine’s Day, when Canada was in the middle of a harsh winter.


Jael, who volunteers at One Cat At a Time, a kitten shelter in Quebec, immediately opened the door to the adorable cat’s room. The orange tabby was in terrible condition. Cold, hungry and uncomfortable, Jael asked Marie Simard, founder of One Cat At a Time, for help.

Marie told Love Meow, “I was so happy to see her. Our rescue specializes in orphaned kittens, but this one was at the door asking for help and we couldn’t leave her outside. We tried to find its owner, but it wasn’t microchipped. It’s about 6 or 7 years old, not spayed or neutered, and no one is looking for it. It was most likely dumped outside by its previous owner a long time ago.

One Cat At a Time

Due to various health issues, the cat was taken to a veterinary hospital where it stayed for several days. It was covered in fleas, had battle scars, and had withered fur. He tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and had parasites, many dental problems and an upper respiratory infection.

Despite this, this sweet cat is very grateful to finally have someone to take care of him. He was very weak, but with the full support of One Cat at a Time, he couldn’t stop purring while being treated by the veterinary team.

One Cat At a Time

With a full body shave and the right medication, this adorable kitten is finally on the road to recovery.

Its name is Aslan, after the lion in The Chronicles of Narnia. How he ended up on the streets remains a mystery, but that day he chose the perfect family to help and was given a new lease on life.

One Cat At a Time

After Aslan was discharged from the hospital, Jael placed him in a foster home where he could continue his recovery in a comfortable home.

He is very sweet and loving. He purrs gratefully and is very happy to be an indoor cat again,” says Mary.

One Cat At a Time

With delicious food and a warm bed, sweet Aslan is a bundle of joy. He eats every meal with gusto and rests comfortably to make up for lost sleep.

“He loves humans (and other cats) and often asks for cuddles. Apparently, this beautiful cat had a family once.

One Cat At a Time

A cat named Cleo has been taking care of Aslan during his recovery. After Aslan had dental and eye surgery, Cleo stayed by his side and tried to cuddle him.

The two cats are very affectionate and often cuddle together.

One Cat At a Time

Jael wasn’t planning on getting another cat, but she knew how much Cleo and Aslan needed each other, so she couldn’t keep them apart. Aslan settled into the family very quickly.

Perhaps from day one, he knew this was where he belonged.

One Cat At a Time

Over the next few months, Aslan gradually recovered. Every day, he was surrounded by his furry friends, as if they too had contributed to his recovery.

One Cat At a Time

This adorable orange cat is now eight years old and living the life of his dreams.

He no longer has to fight for food or shelter or endure the cold. It has a big family and everyone loves it dearly.

One Cat At a Time

Aslan lived a life of luxury befitting a king. He is carefree and continues to embrace everyone around him.

One Cat At a Time

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