A man took his cat for a walk and ended up bringing home a protected kitten

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A man took his cat for a walk and when he returned home, he found the kitten in the bushes.

Gilbert, a cat living in Denmark, enjoys regular walks with his human. Earlier this year, while out for a walk, Gilbert noticed a kitten under a bush and decided to take a look.


When we went to look at the bushes, the kitten ran off and hid elsewhere.”

Gilbert persisted in trying to befriend the kitten. He approached the kitten hiding behind the door and tried to kiss it on the nose.

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‘Then she wouldn’t leave him alone and started following him everywhere. It was love at first sight.

Kitten has a crush on Gilbert but is a little unsure about people.

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‘She’s very shy. If I get too close to her, she runs away or hisses.”

After a much-needed bath, a visit to the vet, and lots of good food, the kitten began to open up. Eventually she learned that humans are not so bad and that cuddling can be great fun.

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Michener thought about finding a foster home for the kitten, but her cat, Gilbert, had other plans.

They placed him in a quiet room and slowly introduced him to their other cat, Nellie. The kitten was intrigued by the new smell and began to explore and even purr. Whenever they made a noise, Gilbert would come running.

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As the kitten became accustomed to his presence, Nellie moved closer to him. Gilbert went to check on him as soon as possible to make sure all was well with the little guy.

A few weeks later, they became triplets, and Gilbert specifically took custody of the kittens. They knew they could not part with the kittens.

They named the kitten Nala and made it officially part of the family.

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Miesener told Love Meow, “Gilbert loves protecting Nala and teaching her how to be a cat.”

Watch Nala and her progress in this adorable video:

Nala has come a long way since she was sheltered. She is no longer afraid of people and her personality is becoming more defined.

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She is one of the most affectionate animals in the world. She is affectionate, mischievous and sweet. She loves to be cuddled and often meows (silent meow).”

Gilbert makes sure she is always clean and tidy and bathing is a must for her.

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Nala has a variety of toys, but prefers leaves in the garden.” My guess is that when she lived on the street, leaves were the only toy she could play with,” Michener told Love Meow.

‘Nala loved food and was never bored. Because before we found her, we had to compete with each other for food in order to survive.”

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This beautiful tiger almost caught up with her siblings in size.

Gilbert continues to guide her and show her the way, just like his older brother.

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Nala, a former stray cat, loves the poodle life and is growing up to be a beautiful cat.

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