Stray Kitten Kitten Slips Into Pizza Parlor, Seeks Adoption

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Stray kitten slips into pizza parlor, chooses forever owner

This is Ralph’s Rat Bag!


Dave in Australia owns a pizza parlor.

A small stray cat came into the store through the back door of his yard. Once inside, the cat tried to stay.

‘Dave told Love Meow,’ she said. She seemed lost, scared, and nervous about strange sounds and smells.

After a few minutes, she was a brave little thing.

‘I put her on my shoulder and she immediately relaxed. She started rubbing my ears and the back of my neck and started cooing.

The kitten finally felt safe and seemed very grateful to have found a human friend here.

Thinking that the kitten probably belonged to someone else and was just a stray, Dave tried to take it out of the store, but was rebuffed.

So he went around the neighborhood to see if anyone had lost the kitten, but no one came forward.

As soon as he got home, Dave posted on social media in hopes of finding a good foster home, but as soon as the little guy jumped into his lap, he fell asleep.

“She decided she wanted to stay,” Dave said. She is now working full time with the new Finger Nibbling and Cute team!”

Dave named Ralphie Ratbag and took him to the vet, where he was microchipped and vaccinated.

The vet said he didn’t look like a stray cat and was probably abandoned.

The adorable tortoiseshell cat definitely picked the right spot to sneak into the store. He no longer had to wander the streets and found the perfect shoulder to perch with his favorite human.

He loves to help Dave every chance he gets, especially when he’s playing on the computer, and Dave calls him “purr director.”

He quickly became the boss of the family and has his own castle made out of pillows.

He has an obstacle course for kittens in the pantry, which she loves.” She loves to play with her dog toys and sleeps next to me like a fluffy hot water bottle or on the side or back of my head as a pillow.”

Dave never expected to be chosen as the kitten who wandered into his store.

“She is the most determined and strong kitten on the block!”

All images @grumpy_chef_dave


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