A woman took in kitten with big “glass” eyes that was abandoned in a box

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One day, a woman in a Chicago suburb found a cardboard box on her balcony.

The poor abandoned kitten had a large scar on its neck, so she immediately took it to the vet.


Vet Elsie took one look at the kitten’s big eyes and immediately fell in love.

She thought the kitten needed a lot of love.

So, she decided to foster the kitten and named him “Porg” after the big-eyed animal from Star Wars.

Elise soon realized that when Porg brushed his fur or scratched his ears and neck, he would repeatedly develop large cracks in his skin, which was clearly not normal for a kitten.

Further investigation revealed that Pogue suffered from a rare genetic disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

The condition is very rare in felines and is known as “glass cats” because they are so fragile.

As a result of this rare condition, cats have loose, fragile skin that tears easily.

As a result, Borg cats often wear protective skin garments to keep them comfortable.

Elsie then realized that not only had she become a foster for Borg, but that Borg had become a full-time family member.

Even though Pogue needed special care, she wasn’t about to give him up.

As the kitten grew older, her personality changed!

She loves to play, is active and especially loves to cuddle.

We have a special bond with her and love her very much,” says Elsie.

“Finding ways to keep her skin healthy and safe has been a learning curve, but now that she’s mastered our routine, she’s doing great!”

Elsie hopes Pogue’s story will inspire people to open their hearts to animals with special needs.

Elsie is happy and blessed to have Pogue in her home.


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