A stray kitten with beautiful eyes changes lives

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If you see a stray kitten on the street, your first thought must be to help it. Any caring person would do the same.

That’s what Betty H. and her husband did when they saw a stray kitten with different colored eyes wandering in front of their house.


They decided to save the stray kitten and adopt it if they could.

They soon realized that although the kitten was dirty and hungry, it was timid. We prepared food and water for it.

However, no one wanted to adopt the kitten named Mao Mao.

They had already fed it three times a day, and each time Betty hovered around to help Fluffy get used to her presence.

She was quiet at first. Betty said, “Once she got used to my presence without hesitation, I started talking to her while she ate and drank. Eventually I tried petting it. I could tell it didn’t have an owner.

Gaining trust is a difficult thing to do, but Betty was very patient.

Thankfully, Betty’s patience paid off and it didn’t take long for Fluffy to start demanding attention and petting.

Toward the end of Fluffy’s time outside, he began to want to be petted before he ate. I was really surprised a stray dog would do that,” Betty said.

Then something amazing happened. Fluffy now trusted his humans enough to follow them home and finally became part of the family.

I gave him his first bath. He had black spots on his nose and orange scum on his paws that wouldn’t come off when he washed,” Betty added.

Betty added: “It was losing all of its fur and had dirty knots on the fur that was growing out.

After the bath, Fluffy wrapped up in a towel like a little burrito and started purring loudly, warming Betty’s heart. I’ve never heard a cat purr so loudly before.”

We later took him to the vet and discovered he had a range of problems including worms, gastritis and ear mites.”

The couple had the kitten clipped to restore him to health and remove knots and mats.

Their other cat, Lacey, loves being around Fluffy.

They get along well and I’ve noticed that Lacey has more energy now that Fluffy is with her.

It’s great to see Fluffy growing into a happy, mischievous cat.

Betty thinks he is very energetic, like a puppy, because he always wants to play.

“Fluffy is like a dog, always waiting on the floor for food. When he is very happy and wants to play, he rolls on the floor.”

Fluffy enjoys watching Bird TV through the window. He enjoys the VIP life of a pampered indoor cat.

Fluffy seems to have found the perfect place and family to call his own.

See more photos of Fluffy on Instagram.


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