Man had no interest in cats until he took care of this kitten

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Hila Khaled recently took in a cat named Billoo from the NKLA Pet Foster Center in Los Angeles. The cat quickly settled into his new home and is very fond of his new mother.

Sheila explains, “He is a very loving and thoughtful cat.” I can honestly say that we are very lucky to have him. He is so friendly, he will sit on anyone’s lap, start purring, and cuddle on your chest.”


Later, when Sheila and her friends decided to travel to Mexico for a week, she asked her family to take care of the cat.

Bubba was an “indoor-outdoor” cat, always coming home covered in mud and leaving footprints everywhere.

So she told her parents that Bilou was potty trained and would be fine if they kept him indoors for a week.

So my parents agreed. When Sheila wasn’t home, I was worried about how the new cat would get along with my parents, but thankfully I didn’t hear any complaints, so I think it all worked out.

A few days later, she got a surprise. Her father sent her a picture of Bill cuddled up around her neck!

Sheila was overjoyed. Normally her father is not impressed with cats, but apparently if they spend enough time by his side, he gets a chance to see how wonderful they are.

When she returned from vacation to pick up Bill, she sensed that her parents did not want him to leave.

Oh well, maybe her parents will visit Bill someday!


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