The stray cat was finally adopted after 433 days.

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Meet Champas!

He spent more than a year – 433 days to be exact – at the Australian Animal Welfare League shelter in Sydney!


Champas was very scared when he first arrived at the shelter and did not want to interact with people.

So he had to watch dozens of cats and dogs being fostered.

Obviously, finding Champas a new home wasn’t easy, so he ended up in the shelter’s reception area.

Champas gradually adapted to humans.

Shelter staff came up with a great idea to find Champas a forever home.

He’s not the kind of cat that would be taken in by any family, but he certainly has someone who will make him very happy.

Champas has already spent Valentine’s Day at the shelter.

Let’s all hope that this series of signs will make this adorable white kitten even more appealing to potential foster families.

UPDATE: After 433 days at the shelter, Champas has finally been adopted!

Champas’ new parents, Nathan, said:

“Champas is a longtime resident of the shelter and he came to my house today. He bit my hand and then fell right asleep.

All is well for this adorable white kitten!

Watch the video below:


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