One day Finn noticed something moving in the yard. Somehow it was a kitten that had invaded the house and he liked the way it looked.

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Finn and his fiancée live in the country and have no idea where the cat came from.

So they started placing food on their porch and named him Charlie. The cat was very timid and wary of humans, but they kept their distance until it got used to humans.


After a while, they noticed a small bump on its belly. They agreed that it was their responsibility to make sure Charlie was healthy and well fed.

As the pregnancy dragged on, she became increasingly close to the couple and realized that they were there to help her.

She has a cute habit of flipping up the screen door when it is time for feeding, which is very cute!

Winter was approaching and the nights were getting colder, but Charlie still didn’t have the confidence to go inside the house.

So Finn came up with the idea of putting up a heat lamp for Charlie. This lamp is Charlie’s favorite.

All was well until Charlie disappeared and she went off to find a place to give birth. But a few days later, Charlie reappeared on the porch, looking for food.

Finn cautiously watched Charlie through the window, worried about where she would go after she ate. He was very concerned because Charlie had chosen the bottom of the porch as the safest place for her kittens to be.

Spring has sprung!

Two of the kittens are tiger kittens like their mother, one is black and white, and all three are very cute.

Finn and his fiancée were so honored that Charlie decided it was time to meet.

Watch the video to see how it went:

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