A Kind Couple Feeds A Stray Cat For A Year And The Missing Cat Returns With Kittens

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It’s often said that “no good deed goes unpunished,” and this adorable story of a stray cat and its kittens proves it.

Ivy Lee and her boyfriend Jason live in an apartment complex in Pasadena, California.


They often saw stray cats roaming around their apartment and decided to leave food for them.

They named the stray cat Mary (Mary), and every time it showed up, they would prepare food for it.

For about a year, the couple fed it almost every day until one day it suddenly disappeared.

A few weeks later, Merry still hadn’t shown up. They began to worry that life on the streets had taken its toll and that the worst might have happened to it.

They sadly accepted the fact that something bad had happened to Merry.

However, it wasn’t long before she returned.

“Look what happened when she came back!” Evie wrote on her Twitter page.

The stray cat, who turned out to be pregnant, returned with a kitten to the place where she had been cared for and fed.

The loving couple was so moved by Mary’s gesture that she trusted them and returned with the only kitten.

Evie tweeted a video of Mary and the kitten arriving on their doorstep, which quickly went viral.

She then contacted a local veterinary clinic to discuss spaying and neutering Mary as soon as possible.

At the urging of her Twitter friends, Ivey set up a GoFundMe for the family.

They raised $2,000 to cover health checks, injections, food and other expenses.

After a visit to the vet, the kitten was found to be a boy and in good health.

The vet began to prepare Mary for spaying and neutering, but complications arose. Mary’s abdomen began to bleed.

The vet also found growths on Mary’s liver, tongue and upper lip. Both Evie and the vet were unsure if Mary would survive.

However, Mary showed the spirit of a true fighter and she survived. Evie breathed a sigh of relief and posted an update on her Twitter account:

Mary held on! She is now resting in the recovery room we have set up for her. On the advice of the vet, we let her rest for a while.

The kittens are doing well! She has lots of energy and loves to be petted!”

After Mary recovered, Evie and Jason officially adopted her and the baby, and the two quickly settled into their new home.

A lovely ending to a lovely story. Mary knew she had chosen the right people!

Watch the video below:

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