Cat Comforts Anxious Dog Every Day While Owner Works

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This is Kelvin the ginger cat and Jules the dog!

Jules was a bit jumpy, so his owner Brenna tried taking Jules to work for a while, but then realised that this was causing Jules stress.


Soon after, Brenna decided to get another ginger kitten named Kelvin.

At first, she was worried about whether the two animals would get along, but as it turns out, she had nothing to worry about.

The two kittens soon hit it off, but Brenna couldn’t have predicted that the cat and the dog would develop such a strong bond.

One day, she decided to install security cameras around the house to keep an eye on what they were doing.

She found Kelvin and Jules cuddling on the couch for a full eight hours.

Kelvin thoughtfully comforted Jules, who was very nervous when Brenna wasn’t home.

It’s a wonderful picture to see a cat and dog snuggling together and sleeping peacefully.

Kelvin and Jules now have their own Instagram page and the internet is going crazy for the adorable pair.

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