This shelter kitten felt alone until someone saw her true beauty.

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It must be hard for shelter kittens when all the potential foster parents walk by you.

They must wonder. Will I still be part of a loving family?


Sadly, there are many cats and kittens that are abandoned in shelters, but not all of them are adopted.

That all changed when Imgur user Aoladari visited the shelter.

Trinity kitten was quite lonely at the shelter and desperate for potential foster parents to give her a chance.

Unfortunately, people always passed her by because she hisses at everyone. But what she really wanted was to love and be loved.

But everything changed when a woman saw her potential and decided to become a foster parent.

Oladari explained. ‘That was the day we welcomed Trinity into our home. She was timid and afraid of people looking for a mate.

“1) she was not a ‘perfect’ cat, and 2) she hissed and growled at everyone who tried to open the cage door.”

At this time, Trinity was recovering from surgery to amputate her leg, and it was thought that she may have been abused, but no one knew exactly what had happened.

The kind lady was so sure that Trinity would become part of her family that she decided that her next foster would be a special needs cat.

After a few hours in her new home, Trinity slowly began to emerge from her isolation and adjust to her new surroundings.

“Our vet said he was good at Y-shaping scars so that there would be no flexibility issues.

He was right, and it didn’t take long for Trinity to show amazing trunk strength.

It didn’t take long for her to become part of the family. She met her new brother Chewbacca and soon the two were inseparable.

Here she is holding her sister Gaia.

She is no longer the lonely cat she was living in the shelter, but a happy kitten who loves life with her new family.

Four months later, she has changed so drastically in appearance that it is hard to believe she is the same cat.

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