A Family Adopts a Sick Stray Kitten

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One day, a family was coming home from church when they heard crying coming from the kitchen door.

When they opened the door, they found a tiger kitten that had obviously not eaten in a long time.


This kind family did the right thing and gave it food and water and lots of love.

From the moment the cat was found, it seemed to be right where it wanted to be.

Unlike stray cats, he wasn’t afraid of anyone and decided that this family was his home, so they named him Amelia.

The family wasn’t sure if she would survive her appearance. They didn’t feel right, so they took her to the vet.

The vet gave them a “grim prognosis” and sent them home saying Amelia had little chance of survival.

They thought Amelia might have cancer, an autoimmune disease or severe anemia.

The family lived a holistic lifestyle, so they fed Amelia a strictly organic diet and gave her tons of supplements, minerals and vitamins.

Eventually, Amelia’s condition began to improve, and when she went back to the vet four weeks later, the vet couldn’t believe it was the same cat when he saw Amelia’s papers.

She explained that Amelia was very healthy and didn’t even show signs of anemia.

The family believes that Amelia is now the princess of the family and is living her best life.

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