Kitten with a Wonderful Heart Finds the Perfect Family She’s Always Dreamed Of

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A kitten with twisted legs and a brave heart has found the perfect family she always wanted.

Shannon Basner


A nine-week-old kitten came to Mojo’s Hope, an animal shelter in Alaska, looking for a chance at a better life. Despite his bent back legs, all he wanted was attention and a pet.

Mojo was to spend the rest of his life at KAAATs in Alaska. After several tests by veterinarians, it was concluded that a congenital condition may have caused the deformity.

However, this kitten was unfazed by anything. She was busy scampering around the house, climbing anything she could get her hands on, and chasing toys as fast as she could.

Shannon Basner

Shannon Bassner, founder of the Alaska KAAATs, told Love Meow, “I’m not a fan of the kittens. This adorable fluffy little guy has endless charm, personality and patience.

They named the kitten Lady Pruele and introduced her to the residents of the rescue center. The kitten took an instant liking to Cinder the dog and hit it off immediately.

Shannon Basner

This gentle dog is kind to kittens and puppies in need. At the time, she was recuperating from surgery, but nothing stopped her from caring for other animals. She took in the kittens and began caring for them as if they were her own children.

‘We truly believe that these two kittens are healing each other. They hit it off almost instantly and to this day, Lady Pearl nurses Cinder who is swooning with love,” Shannon said.

Shannon Basner

Purrl has a big “purr” motor and is always on the move. He adores his mama dog and always runs to her for a cuddle after playtime.

The kittens think of Cinder as their furry mom. Cinder is a very patient and loving dog who goes above and beyond for people,” Shannon added.

Having Lady Pruele here has really helped Cinder’s recovery.”

Shannon Basner

The kitten snuggles up close to the dog when she wants affection, and Cinder loves her so much that she doesn’t even mind taking care of that cozy.

This fearless kitten doesn’t realize she is being different. As soon as she hears “It’s time to eat,” she darts headfirst into the dining area. She moves so fast that even the other cats can’t keep up with her.

Shannon Basner

When Lady Purrl was adopted, she weighed only 1.7 pounds and the vet wasn’t sure about her quality of life. We are so thankful for the progress she has made.

She truly is a beautiful kitten who fights with a spirit of pride, love and determination.”

Shannon Basner

Shannon tells Love Meow, “It always amazes me how these precious animals with special needs shine from the inside out.”

Purrl, like most kittens, does many things with her strong paws. She loves to live and purrs like a machine. She loves to snuggle up to your ear so you can hear her soothing purrs up close.

Shannon Basner

This kitten warrior exceeds all expectations with her amazing spirit.

‘These animals don’t let anything get in their way. They teach us how to put aside what others see as alien and embrace our individual spirit and passion for life.”

Shannon Basner

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