Kitten with extra toes makes friends with family cat and asks to be friends

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A family planned to foster a kitten for a few weeks, but the kitten had different ideas.

Erica Goren


Last year, a stray kitten with multiple toes and curly ears was brought into a shelter in Los Angeles. It was very scared, overwhelmed by the noise in the shelter and needed a foster home.

Jacqueline DeAmore, founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, offered to help. When we first received this kitten, she would hiss and spit. But she would only purr and never bite.

When this kitten came into foster care, her tough exterior quickly melted away. Erica Goren and Nick Pappas plan to care for the kitten until a suitable foster home is found.

Erica Goren.

The kitten, which they named Domino, broke out of its shell when it realized it was in a safe place. It fell in love with its foster parents and threw itself into their arms.

Charlotte, the big cat, is intrigued by the new kitten, but hesitant. She keeps her distance for now, but little Domino is excited and can’t wait to run up to meet her new friend.

Erica Goren.

“The first thing she loved was Charlotte, even more than her foster family. She immediately wanted to be Charlotte’s friend.

Charlotte was terrified of the little furries, but she allowed them to get close to Charlotte.

Erica Goren.

Charlotte sniffed the kitten to get to know her better, but Domino was soon overly affectionate and rubbed up against her.

The young leopard cat quickly took a liking to the Siamese kitten and followed her around the house.

Erica Goren.

The moment he saw Charlotte, Domino wanted to be near her more than he wanted to eat. Domino ran over and nuzzled Charlotte’s head and didn’t say no.

Domino wanted to be friends with Charlotte. The first chance she got, she wanted to run to Sham.

Erica Goren.

At first, Charlotte didn’t know what to do with the kitten who didn’t understand the concept of privacy, but Domino was determined to win her heart.

After a few days of persistence, the spunky kitten really took a liking to her cat. Her new friend gave her her first bath one day.

Erica Goren.

With Charlotte’s grooming and cuddling, this little hedgehog completely melted. The kitten was overjoyed to know she would never be alone again.

Watch a video of the kitten’s journey:

Multi-Toe Kitten and her feline friends

When it came time to find Domino a forever home, Erica and Nick knew she had found it.

Erica Goren.

They fell in love with the little leopard cat and couldn’t take her away from their best friend Charlotte.

Domino became a “foster failure” and is now part of our family. We love her and are eternally grateful,” said Erica.

Erica Goren.

Domino just turned one a few weeks ago. She has caught up with Charlotte and the two are closer than ever.

They do everything together and never nap alone.

Erica Goren.

A kitten with extra toes came into foster care hoping for a chance at a better life. Now she’s living the life of her dreams with her best friend and the humans who love her.

Erica Goren.

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