A cat hiding in an abandoned toilet turned out to be the cutest kitten ever, and he loves kittens and every single one of them

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A cat hiding in an abandoned toilet turned out to be the cutest kitten ever. Loves kittens, loves everyone.



A Good Samaritan found a gray cat hiding in an abandoned toilet surrounded by trash. As he approached, he realized the cat was timid and didn’t move a muscle, but he didn’t resist petting it.

The cat was known to be abandoned and in need of protection. Megan Licari, President of the Puppy Kitty Association of New York City, received a video of the cat’s whereabouts and sprang into action.

Despite its ordeal, the cat did not refuse help and was taken out of the trash and brought to a safe place.

Loo was found hiding inside a discarded toilet@puppykittynycity

Megan said: ‘I couldn’t say no to this cat hiding in an abandoned toilet.

Megan took him to a rescue organization where he had a place to relax. It didn’t have a microchip and no one took it in. He was a little scared when he first arrived, but was curious and very hungry.

He was scared at first but didn’t resist human touch@puppykittynycity

The cat, named Lou, hid in the kitty house for a few days until he got up the courage to go outside and explore. By giving him plenty of tasty treats and reassurance, Lou gradually began to settle in.

When he realized he no longer needed to hide, he began to seek out the love of volunteers.

He stayed in a cubbyhole to decompress after he was rescued@puppykittynycity

This sweet boy came out of his shell wanting nothing more than love, as if making up for lost time. I kept following Megan, wondering what he was doing. He has a very distinct personality.

We rescued him and he ended up being the sweetest cat ever.”

He came out of his shell after a few days and started to seek affection@puppykittynycity

Lou loves people, but loves kittens even more. He rubbed his face affectionately with the volunteers, but when he saw a kitten in need, he instinctively wanted to give it some tender loving care.

The little miniature kitten Lou met immediately cried and begged for his attention.

Loo took a liking to every kitten he met@puppykittynycity

He loves every kitten he meets. He wipes their faces, hugs them, and pampers them.

Even the shy kittens seemed to love him. He comforts the little orphans and teaches the kittens how to play like big cats.

He gave them kisses and baths@puppykittynycity

He became Megan’s most trusted assistant, “helping” keep the kittens clean and finding them playmates.

He was a ray of light and brought much joy to all the volunteers.

He was very loving to orphan babies@puppykittynycity

When he was ready to find his home, Megan knew he deserved a wonderful family with a cat companion who would love him endlessly.

A lovely couple stumbled upon Little Lou and were captivated by this sweet boy.

He was a great office assistant and a mischief-maker@puppykittynycity

Before they knew it, Lou was in their arms. After two months of being housed, he graduated from Puppy Kitty in New York City and headed to his forever home, where his new cat siblings were waiting for him.

He is so happy to be loved@puppykittynycity

The cat was found hiding in a garbage dump and is now living like a king. Roo is beloved by his family and kisses and snuggles them every night of the week.

Loo has found his forever family@puppykittynycity

“We are very happy to announce that he has found his forever home. It will live the best life ever.”

He is living the best life@puppykittynycity

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