Shelter cat gives hugs to everyone.

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Zorro, a stray cat, craved to be loved, but when he was brought to the Philadelphia shelter, he could hardly stand to be touched.

When the staff investigated what was bothering him, they soon discovered an adorable little habit.


Pennsylvania SPCA

Four months ago, Zorro came to the Pennsylvania SPCA in search of a better life. Gillian Coacher, director of public relations for the Pennsylvania SPCA, told Love Meow.

‘Unfortunately, she was unable to find anyone who wanted to take the kitten and decided it would be best to bring it to us and find a foster home for it.

They found blood in the kitten’s urine and knew it needed immediate medical attention. The veterinary team discovered that it was a bladder stone.

Pennsylvania SPCA

Zorro underwent surgery to remove the stone. While Zorro recuperated in the recovery room, the staff soon realized what made him so special.

Gillian told Love Meow, “He was so special. When they cleaned his cage, he would hug them and stay there, eventually patting their heads, purring, and sometimes even kissing their faces.”

Pennsylvania SPCA

He hugs everyone he meets. He wraps his arms around his human friends and hangs on for dear life.

Everyone fell in love with this affectionate tuxedo dog who gives endless hugs and kisses. This affectionate little guy purred and snuggled in their arms and it became the best part of their day.

Pennsylvania SPCA

Kristen Nau, a veterinarian at the PSPCA, noticed that whenever she was working at her desk, she had a feline assistant in her arms. Zorro would snuggle up next to her and stay for hours at a time while she worked.

‘This cat cuddles like a baby. He would sit and snuggle with you for hours while you worked,” Christine said.

Pennsylvania SPCA

‘His fur is smooth and soft, and his little mustache is the best,’ she added.

When Zorro was brought to the adoption table, the staff put a note on his cage that read, “He loves to cuddle!” They put a note on his cage that read, “He loves to cuddle!

Pennsylvania SPCA

Says Christine, “Zorro has bladder stones and will have to take urinary medication for the rest of his life, but it’s a small price to pay to have one of the best cats in the world in your home.”

This sweet boy will cling to you as long as you pick him up.

Pennsylvania SPCA

Zorro has been on the streets for a long time, looking for someone to love him. Now he is safe, receiving the best care and surrounded by people. He is full of hugs and kisses for everyone and will not take no for an answer.

Whoever you are, he hugs you just the same,” Gillian told Love Meow.

Pennsylvania SPCA


Zorro has been adopted!

His mother came all the way to Massachusetts to pick him up. Zorro’s new mom is a friend of our veterinarian, Dr. Kristin Noe, and she heard about Zorro and thought he was the one!”

“Happy tails, sweet boy, keep the hugs coming!”

Pennsylvania SPCA

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