Woman Helps Desperate Nursing Mother Cat Save Hungry Newborn Kittens

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It was a normal spring day when a woman living in Arkansas saw a Facebook post about a mother cat who refused to feed her newborn kittens and desperately sought help.

The woman knew that if the mother cat did not feed her kittens, they would die.


Fearing that she may be the kittens’ only hope, the woman sprang into action.

Read on to find out how this broken family became whole again!

A Ask for help

Stephanie Pinkerton is an independent cat foster in central Arkansas.

She immediately called the owner of the mother cat and learned she had two kittens who were not nursing.

The woman who fostered the cats said the mother cat didn’t seem to know she was a mommy cat. Stephanie told National Kitten.

The mother cat refused to recognize the youngest kitten.

She brushes another kitten and tries to move it, but can’t sit still enough to let the kitten nurse.

She kept trying to escape, leaving the kittens behind.

came to the rescue

Neither the kitten nor the mother cat was at fault.

Stephanie knew she could have taken the kittens and bottle-fed them, but she knew full well that the kittens could not have survived without the mother cat’s milk.

Just when Stephanie thought things couldn’t get any worse, she received even more shocking news!

Stephanie had to think fast. What she did next was a heroic feat!

Real Miracles

Stephanie decided to take the mother and baby with her. She jumped in her car and drove for an hour to pick up the kitten.

Stephanie and the woman with the mother cat arranged to meet at a gas station between the two cities.

Stephanie had a bottle ready to feed the kitten some milk before she went home.

Just as she was about to feed the kitten from the bottle, a miracle happened.

The kitten started trying to eat the milk and the mommy cat didn’t seem to refuse this time!

Stephanie said, “I don’t know if it was because they weren’t making any progress or if they just didn’t want to take the milk this time, but I noticed that the kittens were trying to take the milk.

Stephanie says: “So I decided not to intervene at that point and let them have fun in the car on the way home!” Stephanie said. Stephanie said.

Finally Safe

Once home, the mother cat had room to maneuver and she proceeded to get the kittens to nurse!

At first it was unclear why the mother cat was rejecting the kittens, but things are now significantly better.

Stephanie named her mother cat Britta.

The girl who owned the mother cat first had already named the kittens.

Stephanie honored her wishes and named the kittens Cookie and Biscuit!

The happy family

Two days after welcoming them home, Stephanie became concerned about the lack of milk for the smaller kitten, Cookie.

Biscuit was initially rejected by his mother, who is significantly smaller than Cookie.

Stephanie told us, “It was obvious that he wasn’t getting enough milk from his mom, so I figured I should at least give him a little more.

I put the nipple in his mouth and he ate a little bit, but didn’t want anything,” Stephanie said.

Luckily, Biscuit started to nurse more often when Stephanie put him next to his mom.

As time went on, both kittens continued to nurse and gained weight!

Biscuit caught up with Cookie, and mom’s love for her grew every day!

“She loves her kittens so much and is now a wonderful mother. I would say they are thriving.”

With Stephanie’s help, mom cat and the kittens are now a safe and happy member of the family!

Stephanie’s Mission

Stephanie has a kind heart and is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens in emergency situations.

All of the cats she rescues, including the adorable family in this story, are spayed or neutered before finding permanent homes.

Stephanie is completely self-funded and relies on people like us to donate food, kitten milk and other supplies she needs to continue rescuing cats.

Please consider donating an item directly to Stephanie through her Amazon Wishlist.

If you would like to donate toward a kitten’s spay/neuter or medical needs, please click here to help Stephanie continue her life saving missions.

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