Cats that live on boats like to go to new places.

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Many people say that cats don’t like water. Of course, that can be true, and I know that my cat has no interest in water at all.

But here is a cat who absolutely loves living in the water. She truly enjoys swimming, exploring new places, and adventuring through the waves.


This is Rigby, a cat who lives on a boat!

Miss Rigby is a cat who lives on a boat! It all started when her owners decided to sell their house, buy a boat, and spend their days traveling the Atlantic Ocean and exploring life.
They didn’t have any pets at the time, but soon came up with the idea that their feline friend would make a wonderful sailing companion and a cherished member of the family.

They found a cat better able to adapt to their new lifestyle.

When Miss Rigby was a kitten, they even practiced some things with her on the dock.

First, they made sure Rigby liked the water and could swim.

Then they taught her how to cope with life at sea, and finally they set off on a great adventure together.

As you can see, she totally loves humans and enjoys her life of adventure, just as ducks love water.

She is very independent, loves to explore and get into mischief, and gets very excited when she gets the chance to go for a walk with her human father.

She especially loves to explore new places, and when she reaches the shore, she can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

This amazing kitten is a joy to watch and will melt your heart completely.

Watch the video to see what an amazing life she is leading:

You can follow Rigby’s adventures on Instagram.

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