Sick street cat overcomes dual illnesses to find love and happiness

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This is an eight-year-old stray cat with special needs who was about to live on the streets again after being spayed or neutered in a city shelter under the TNR program. (Captured, de-sexed and returned)

However, someone reached out to Megan at Puppy Kitty NYC. The non-profit organization’s mission is to never turn away an animal in need, and Megan had no hesitation in doing so.


The rescue site was already overcrowded, but Megan knew there was not a moment to lose.

Peppa was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection and needed special care.

So, she took Peppa in and restored her to health!

Peppa was born with two conditions: nasal deformity and flat chest syndrome.

Even though she looked different, it didn’t bother her. Megan shared with We Love Cats and Kittens.

Peppa is an amazing cat! She’s cheeky, smart and knows what she wants!” She added. I’m so proud of her,” she added.

With Megan’s loving care, including a healthy diet, Peppa began to recover. She regained her strength and could finally breathe easily.

Almost simultaneously, Peppa began to show her sweetest side. She gained confidence and began to explore her foster home.

Megan decided to give Peppa her own room.

Peppa started playing with the toys around her.

Peppa’s personality begins to shine through.

What Peppa really enjoys is cuddling with her foster parents.

Life wasn’t fun before, but Peppa was happy to accept help and return the trust!

“Peppa is doing great now!” Meghan wrote on social media. Megan wrote on social media. She’s starting to show her sweet personality. She’s really happy and healthy!”

Many fosters find it hard to say goodbye to the cats they foster, but this is especially true for Megan.

Photo by Megan

She loved Peppa so much that it was hard to let her go.

She says, “She is perfect and needs a perfect home!”

And then it happened! A family came along and Peppa soon started a new life in her forever home.

“Peppa found her forever home!” . said Megan with tears in her eyes. We love you Peppa! You are a special little girl”.

After years of being homeless, Peppa has finally found a place to call home!

You can see more of Puppy Kitty New York City on Instagram.

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