Stray cat was the only one who brought her kittens

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Lisianne, who lives in Canada, was taking a walk in her garden one day when a fluffy stray cat came in.

The kitten looked lonely and hungry, so she decided to give it water and food.


Lysianne grew fond of the stray cat and named him Rabbit.


Lisianne continued to take care of the stray cat whenever it appeared in her yard.
After a while she noticed that the rabbit was getting bigger and bigger. Not because of the food, of course, but because her feline friend was pregnant.

The stray cat must have looked elsewhere to have her kittens, but she kept coming to Lisianne’s house for food and, of course, to say hello.

But it wasn’t long before one day she showed up on Lisianne’s porch with a kitten.

Then another kitten came along, and it wasn’t until she had all six kittens that she decided that Lisianne’s house was a safe place to bring her family.

Lisianne, an undisputed angel, decided to make room in one of her houses to further help this family of stray cats.

Five of the kittens look just like their mother, fluffy and black!

She then sought help from her friends at Chatons Orphelins in Montreal.

She was quickly rescued, as all the kittens had respiratory problems and conjunctivitis.

All the kittens, except one, are in the care of Celine, a foster and caretaker at Chatons Orphelins in Montreal.

A close friend of Lissianne’s decided to keep this tiger kitten.

The remaining three female kittens were named Taylor, Tiny, and Tyana.

Fluffy and beautiful

There are also two male cats named Tails and Tito.

Beautiful and furry like their sisters!

Lisianne didn’t want to lose the friendship of her rabbits, so she decided to have them sterilized.
We spoke to Celine, who told us that all of the rabbit kittens are recovering well and that they will soon be available for foster care as well.

Of course, they all have different personalities.

Tyana is more mature than her siblings.

“She’s very sweet,” Celine tells We Love Cats and Kittens.

“She always likes to see what’s going on before she joins in. She watches and observes with her big yellow eyes.”

Tiny may be the smallest of the kitten group, but she is the most mischievous!

Like all kittens, she is mischievous, but she is also brave and adventurous.

Says Celine: “She is a purring little machine and loves to be petted, especially on her belly!”

Her sister Taylor is very talkative and loves to play with the other cats in the house.

She loves to chase a ball and is especially close to her brother Tails.

Tails is the most mischievous of the group.

He is very energetic but very affectionate and loves to follow Celine around the house and hope it’s snack time!

It was discovered early on that Tito had a deformity in his paw, and an x-ray revealed that he was missing a bone in his paw.

Sadly, there is no way to fix this and it may be a lifelong problem.

But that doesn’t mean he will stop being naughty!

Celine calls him “the devil,” but he is very affectionate and often likes to fall asleep in Celine’s arms.

When this adorable family member was three months old, it was time to go to the clinic to get him vaccinated and ready for adoption.

At four months old, they were all up for adoption!

Taylor and Tails were adopted together, and Tiny, Tiana, and Tito each found their beloved forever homes.

Thanks to Celine for sharing their story with us.

And a heartfelt thank you to Lysianne, the wonderful fairy who saved their lives.

Thank you to our benefactors for their support of Tito’s veterinary care.

And of course to all those who helped them at Chaton Orphelin Montreal.

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