The way my cat cares for stray kittens will melt your heart!

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Fred was orphaned, scared and underweight when he was found in a parking lot.

When he was introduced to Carl, a two-year-old tiger spotted male cat, he was only a month and a half old and could fit in the palm of your hand.


What happened next is amazing, a beautiful friendship that will last forever.

When found, Fred was small, scared and lonely and he missed his mom terribly.

A true gentleman, Carl took Fred under his wing and taught him the ropes.

He became Fred’s protector, taking care of the little ball of fur that came into his life.

He did his best to make up for the love and affection that little Fred had lost

Years later, Fred hardly ever left Carl’s side and gave him all the love he deserved

He deserved a lot of love!

They are curious about everything

This dynamic duo is always in the kitchen helping out with lunch!

…… After eating, they hang around because that’s what they do best!

This delightful duo reminds you that the love you give to others always comes back to you!


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