Protected Kitten Stops Couple and Begs Them to Take It Home

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A young woman who loves cats had always dreamed of getting a new cat. So on her birthday, her boyfriend surprised her by taking her to a local shelter in search of a cat.

While walking through the shelter, a black and white kitten named Luna caught her eye.


The fluffy kitten began meowing and tapping her paws against her cage to get their attention.

Then she looked them straight in the eye as if to say, “Take me home.”

That’s right! This young woman was instantly attracted to Luna.

She leaned against the cage and began poking at the bars again, looking for love and hugs.

Once Luna was let out of her cage, she clung to her owner and did not let go.

The couple could not say no to this adorable kitten because she had chosen to do so of her own volition.

So they filled out the adoption papers and realized that this would be the best birthday ever and that the black and white kitten would be the best birthday present ever.

Luna was not ready to go home with them yet and needed to be sterilized, but the couple visited Luna every day and cuddled her until she was ready to go home.

The day finally came for Luna to go home to her forever home.

It did not take long for her to adjust to her new surroundings and become very happy.

Luna soon discovered that one of her favorite places to snooze was on her human dad!

Luna definitely made the right choice and is very happy with her new family.

Image credit: bedronian

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