Disabled kitten wants to run with her mom.

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Have tissues at the ready for this touching story.

A cat was heard crying in the basement of an apartment building.


She contacted the local animal shelter and they immediately rushed to the scene to find the source of the crying.

Suddenly, another cat appeared, but it seemed very upset with the humans.

They set up their cameras and decided to leave the scene.

It didn’t take long for the cat to return, and through the camera, they saw the cat go to the place where the sound was coming from.

It was a ginger-colored kitten with a clearly mangled hind leg.

Turns out, it was the kitten’s mom.

He tried to leave with the kitten, but couldn’t make it out of the cellar.

The kitten cried out for its mother, but she couldn’t do anything about it. The mother apparently thinks this is the safest place for the kitten.

The mother thinks this is the safest place for the kitten.

The rescue operation begins.

It hides behind an abandoned filing cabinet under the stairs.

It was finally able to be put in a cat carrier, but it didn’t like it. After a veterinary examination, it was found to be in a serious condition.

X-rays showed that its fifth vertebrae were elevated, compressing the spinal nerves. Fractured ribs were also found.

Surgery had done its best, but the nerves were severed so badly that the vet explained that the ginger kitten would be paralyzed for life.

Considering this injury, I don’t know how it survived this long. He is a very active kitten.

She has had five cats, one of which is still disabled.

She felt she could be of some help and brought it home to meet its new family.

The woman began a rigorous physical therapy program for Superman in hopes that his condition would improve – and she was right!

As Superman’s nerves began to heal naturally, he began to show slight movement in his legs.

She also provided Superman with a “wheelchair”. This helps him to utilize any sensation in his back legs and also means he can get around the house!

This lady found this kitten to be mischievous, adventurous and full of energy. She was keen for him to live a happy life where he would feel cared for and looked after.

This kitten couldn’t have been brought to a place where he was loved and understood his situation better.


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