A kitten born on the streets with one eye and a heart defect gets a new life and a forever home

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With a hole in his heart and almost completely blind, Bug the kitten wandered the streets all alone for a few weeks.

Life was not favoring her from the start. Yet this brave kitten was determined to survive against all odds!


Her story began when a woman noticed a small black and white kitten in her driveway. The poor thing ran meowing to her, begging for help.

She soon noticed that the kitten was missing one eye and may have other problems, so she contacted the organization Liberation Cat House in Orlando for help.

Ashley, a foster mother and director of the organization, decided to take Bug under her wing and was immediately impressed by his unique charm.

Ashley also liked Beetle and he soon became accustomed to his new surroundings.

“Bug is very active, energetic and lively!” said Ashley. Shared by Ashley with We Love Cats and Kittens.

“For a small kitten, she has a great personality and is very curious.”

After visiting the vet, they discovered that Bug was born with several conditions that affect his heart, vision and breathing.

She had only one nostril, a split lip and one eye was open but not fully developed, with the beginning stages of cataracts.

The eyelid of her closed eye was not well developed, so Bug could not open it at all.

But that wasn’t all for little Bug. She was diagnosed with another congenital problem – a restrictive ventricular septum defect.

“There is a hole in the wall of her heart that separates the left and right ventricles,” Ashley explains. “This causes blood to move from the left side to the right, whereas normally this would not happen.”

The veterinarians treated her as best they could, but the major eye and heart defects could not be fixed, so she has to live with it.

“The cardiologist is not recommending medication for her yet, but she may need it in a few months or years – we just can’t know exactly how it will turn out.”

Fortunately, Bug is completely unaware of this, so she doesn’t let her condition limit her.

It is amazing that she has managed to survive on the streets for so long.

But her spirit is strong and little Bug won’t let anything get her down!

How much she can see remains to be seen, but she is unstoppable as she plays with cat toys, climbs cat trees or jumps on imaginary insects!

“She likes to chase toys, or even things that aren’t toys. She once stole a piece of paper from my desk and played with it,” Ashley says.

“She can get almost anywhere she wants to go – she climbs, jumps and runs everywhere, even though she has very limited eyesight.”

She used to bump into things at first, but since she has learned to move, that rarely happens anymore.

Ashley says the best thing about Beetle is that she is unaware of any limitations.

She was born that way, so the life she leads is normal for her.

“She doesn’t let anything limit her and continues to live her best life,” Ashley explains.

“Because of her heart condition, she may not live as long as some cats, but I know Bugs life will be full no matter how long she lives.”

This affectionate, fearless and one of the most spirited kittens her foster mom has ever known, easily captured everyone’s heart. And soon Bug found his new home.

Her future owner lives in Pittsburgh, has experience with special needs animals and is determined to give Bug the best care possible.

And there is a cardiology practice in Pittsburgh that will continue to monitor Bug’s heart.

Best of all, he has many furry siblings, including a six-month-old kitten who has become Bug’s new playmate!

Bug may have a hole in his heart. But her heart remains big enough to embrace life with all the excitement and joy!

You can find Bug on Instagram here – https://www.instagram.com/much_love_for_bug/

And the Shelter that saved her is here: https://www.instagram.com/liberationcathouse/

Ashley, her fabulous foster mom is here: https://www.instagram.com/foster.love.repeat/

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