Stray cat breaks into fire station, asks for “help”

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Two years ago, a shy kitten broke into a fire station on a cold day and decided to make it her home.

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Now, it’s making the fire station its home and asking for everyone’s attention and spa time.

Looking for a warm place to stay, this tiger cat broke into New York City’s Fire Station 57 and turned it into his own little kingdom.

He was a little shy the first time he interacted with the firefighters, but after a few strokes he became addicted and started missing his human friends. Alternative housing is a great solution for homeless kittens,” the 57th Precinct told Love Meow.

Soon her worries disappeared, replaced by purrs and pure happiness.

Instagram @station57cat

Every time she was groomed, she would “purr and purr” and start licking the groomer as a sign of appreciation.

He walks around the grooming station to make sure everyone gets a turn to be groomed. Not one can be left behind.

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Her face.

Instagram @station57cat

This tiger cat girl isn’t so much pampering as she is chasing away mice. Sometimes, early in the morning after she’s been chasing mice away all night, she brings a “gift” to the humans.

Everyone calls her “Killer” because she solved our mouse problem as soon as she moved in. We had a contest to give her a catchy name, and then she started bringing mice home,” Station57 said.

Instagram @station57cat

When she asked to play a round, everyone was happy to do so.

“I’m going to take a nap here, meow!”

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If Kitty is occupying someone’s chair, the only reasonable thing to do is pet her.

“It’s also spa day at Station 57.”

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Waiting for the boss to give orders!

Working alongside a supervisor.

She keeps a close eye on everyone’s performance!

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Humans cuddle with kittens during work breaks.

Of course, she’s always in charge of the remote control.

Instagram @station57cat

“Here, you missed it!”

Instagram @station57cat

Wiping down the table while giving it a back rub.

Instagram @station57cat

Bumping its head!

Instagram @station57cat

The kittens at Fire Station 57 snore every day.

Instagram @station57cat

Petting and meowing.


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