Shy Kitten Found Hiding in Bushes Grows Brave and Thrives with Help of Good Samaritan

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A kitten was found hiding in the bushes. With the help of a Good Samaritan, the kitten came out of its shell and began to grow.

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal


Last month, a woman in Montreal, Canada, was startled by the sound of a kitten. She followed the sound to her garden and found the kitten hiding in the bushes. The little stray cat kept meowing and calling for its mother, but she did not return.

After waiting almost a day and not seeing the mother, the kind woman made a plan to rescue the kitten before the temperature dropped even lower. She bought a humane trap, placed it near a bush, and prepared food to lure the kittens out.

The kitten was very shy and had not left its hiding place for two days. The kitten cautiously came out of its hiding place and went straight into its cage.

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

This resident took the kitten into her home and gave it food and warmth. The kitten was frightened but began to calm down when it knew it was safe. It was very hungry, so it ate every morsel of food in sight and even meowed faintly while wrapped in a warm towel.

The kind woman contacted Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local cat shelter, which gave the kitten the treatment it needed and a chance at a better life.

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

‘We took her in and named her Pav. He is about six weeks old, eats and sleeps well,” Celine Crome of Chatons Orphelins Montréal told Love Meow.

‘Our foster mom, Marieline, took him in and started getting him accustomed to a home life and socializing him with other cats.

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

Puff has a good appetite, enjoys eating, and sticks his paws in his plate when he eats.

After checking out his new room, this kitten bravely approached his owner for petting and affection.

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

Puff came out of his shell and gained new confidence. Once he knew he was cared for, his personality began to show.

He went from a timid kitten to a brave leopard kitten without a care in the world.

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

Puff is a kitten with a big personality,” Celine tells Love Meow.

Puff is a kitten with a big personality,” Celine told Love Meow. If he wants food or treats, he won’t hesitate to let us know.”

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

This former stray cat has now transformed into a huge “love baby.” It has a motor that purrs at the slightest touch. Always on the lookout for mischief, he never misses any action.

If there is an open paw nearby, he is bound to jump on it for warmth.

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

Since discovering his adventurous side, Puff has found new places to hide and occupies the highest spot in the house.

He probably considers himself the king of the house, and his owners cater to his every need.”

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

‘During the day, he likes to snuggle up in his human’s lap and sleep while his human does his business. At night, he jumps on the same bed and falls asleep next to his human.”

Sometimes, Puffy naps during playtime as well. Her choice of napping spots is interesting.

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

Puffy loves other cats and will snuggle up to them when he needs a nap buddy. This adorable kitten is now 3 months old and ready to find the next chapter of his life: a forever home!

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

After spending some time on the streets, Puff is growing up to be an indoor cat. He is a confident little leopard cat with plenty to give.

Chaton Orphelin, Montreal

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