Once Neglected Cats Lose Sight, but Not Their Ability to Love

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For cats with disabilities, they often don’t realize how different they are from other cats. Cats with special needs can be just as curious, mischievous, and affectionate as other cats. Moet, a blind cat born in Oman, did not have the best start in life. She was kept in a wire cage with other kittens in a lonely pet store. The other kittens left her. Eventually she caught cat flu, which infected her eyes. She was left alone and completely neglected, and her condition worsened day by day. This beautiful white Persian kitten needed someone to help her quickly.

Luckily, Al Qurum Veterinary Hospital in Muscat, Oman, learned of her plight. They saved her life, but could not save her eye. Emergency surgery was performed and the badly infected eye was removed. Six days later, Moe’s life changed forever. She heard a woman’s kind voice. Until then, he had never known humans to be so kind. Moe was so fascinated by the woman that he rolled over to rub her stomach. Emily, the woman who instantly fell in love with Moe, knew that being with her was where Moe belonged – forever. She has been here since September 2014.


Hello, everyone! This is Moe, the blind cat.

I interviewed Emily and asked her a few questions about this sweet girl.

What is Moe’s personality?

‘Moe has a very sweet and happy disposition, but she gets bored easily (probably because she can’t sit and look around like other cats). As a result, she needs lots of play and attention.

Is there anything you would like people to know about Moe?

“Moe donates the profits from her online store and book sales to a local animal rescue volunteer organization. We donate 100 percent of our profits. Besides that, I think the other thing is that she is so amazing and talented that many people who meet her in real life ask her if she is really blind!”

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Do you have a cat at home?

We also have a shelter cat named Luna. She was rescued from Al Qurum Veterinary Hospital, which saved Moe’s life.

She has beautiful fur! Does she need any special care to keep her beautiful coat?

No help is needed, but she does require brushing a couple of times a day. He enjoys being brushed very much.

Want to stay up-to-date on social media for Moe the Blind Cat? Click on the link below! And don’t forget to visit her website.

  • www.instagram.com/moetblindcat
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  • www.facebook.com/moetblindcat
  • www.youtube.com/c/moettheblindcat

A special thanks to Emily for rescuing Moet, helping other kitties in need, and letting us share her uplifting story with Cattitude Daily readers. You are Moett’s angel and a hero to me!

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