5 Warning Signs of Loneliness in Cats

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you walk out the door to go to work and you wonder if your cat is feeling lonely in your absence? Cats are independent, solitary creatures notorious for their bad (and quite bad) attitudes. However, contrary to popular misconception, cats can sometimes feel lonely. For those wondering how to tell the difference, here are some warning signs of cat loneliness.

Excessive or increased purring


You can tell a lot about your cat by the sound of its purring. Specifically, if a cat doesn’t usually purr much, but suddenly starts making a lot of noise, then they may be lonely. Different cats purr at different tones, and some may howl or yowl around the house. They may be trying to tell you that they are lonely.

Breaking things.

Are your favorite shoes suddenly covered in teeth marks? Did your couch suddenly become in pieces one day? Breaking things can be a cat’s way of trying to warn you that something is wrong with your human. In fact, if your cat starts clawing at things he’s not supposed to, you may want to give him some love and see if his destructive behavior subsides. Your cat may be signaling to you that it is lonely and needs your attention.

Sudden hair loss

Cats are known to be clean animals and will groom their fur multiple times throughout the day. Healthy grooming doesn’t usually lead to excessive shedding. However, if a cat is feeling lonely, it may over-groom. If this happens, see if it is balding or has more hairballs than usual. They will let you know something is wrong, so try increasing cuddle time to see if your cat’s behavior subsides.

Sleeping too much.

Yes, cats need a lot of sleep. It’s not uncommon for cats to snooze for hours every day. If your cat is sleeping more than usual, he may be lonely. Try luring him with his favorite toy while he’s awake to show him you care.

Cat’s Shadow

Cats may follow their humans on a whim or when they want to play, but they don’t follow us all the time. If your cat starts to become your furry little shadow, he may be trying to tell you he’s lonely. Enjoying time with your cat is a good thing, but not at the expense of making your cat feel lonely!

These signs of loneliness can also be linked to other issues such as health problems, so keep a close eye on your cat if you notice any of these signs. Spend a few extra minutes each day petting your cat if it makes you happy, or circling around his favorite toy. Of course, you’ll need to leave the house from time to time, but by actively making sure your cat doesn’t get lonely, you’ll be doing him a favor and you won’t feel guilty when you have to leave him alone during the day.

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