Fluffy, energetic kitten grows up with the help of other cats and finds her dream family

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A kitten who came to the shelter alone is starting to grow up with the help of other cats and foster parents.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town


A kitten was brought alone to a shelter in San Jose, California. It needed a foster home and lots of socialization. Laura Malone of Mini Cat City didn’t hesitate to take him in.

The kitten, named Roz, was covered in dust. After a much-needed bath, her fur changed from brown to light gray. With fluffy fur, big paws and long whiskers reaching out in all directions, she transformed into a baby bear.

Laura told Love Meow, “She purrs loudly when she sees me and loves to sit on my lap while I pet her.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

Roz has a great personality. She loves people and isn’t afraid of them at all. She is very fierce when she makes cookies, as if her life depends on them.

As a lonely kitten, Roz has no concept of boundaries or how to play gently with her human friends. Once she settles down, her cranky side comes out in full force.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

“She loves to romp and scratch. She’s a crazy little dynamo. She walks around the enclosure and purrs,” Laura added.

This kitten is full of energy and can’t seem to stop moving.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

Laura and her family started working on teaching this kitten to be calm and cuddly around people.

We made sure she played with lots of toys and stuffed animals. She loves to climb, wrestle with stuffed animals and run around.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

Mochi, the older cat, offered to help. He tamed and groomed the kitten and taught her how to control her unbridled energy.

“He was very kind and patient with this kitten.”

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

Siamese Blueberry couldn’t stand Roz’s mischievous antics and laid down rules for the little troublemaker.

Unlike Mooch, he doesn’t try to be the fur babies’ “cool uncle.” He teaches Roz to respect his boundaries. I’m surprised she actually listens to him.”

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

With the big cat’s help, Roz began to learn to control her energy, be gentle with people, and even enjoy hugs.

This girl can’t stop for a moment. But when she finally quiets down, the hugs and purrs are worth it!”

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

When it came time to find Roz a forever ‘home’, they knew she needed a very playful companion to play with.

“She has a lot of energy and is naturally smart, and we knew she would need a kitty friend who could keep up with her!”

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

At the time, Maansi, from San Francisco, was looking for a companion for her cat Merlin.

Maansi told Love Meow, “Merlin is an energetic kitten and I knew she needed a playmate.”

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

She met Roz on Instagram and was instantly drawn to her fierce personality. She knew the kitten would never tire of playing with Merlin.

She contacted a rescue organization and found a perfect match.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

Roz (now renamed Paris) moved into her new home and immediately made it her own. Within days, the little fire-breathing dragon really bonded with her new friend Merlin.

They have become best friends.


Paris is still very young, so Merlin has taken on the role of big brother, teaching her how to use the litter box and grooming her. In return, she provided Merlin with endless entertainment and became his most trusted accomplice in mischief.

Now that Paris has found an equally enthusiastic big brother, the kitten follows in his footsteps and together they plan all sorts of mischief around the house.


When they need to recharge, the two cats curl up together and sleep.

“These two cats have brought us more joy and endless entertainment than we could have ever imagined over the past few months.


“They are growing up so fast, but as time goes on they are getting closer to us and to each other, which is really great.”


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