Cat Trapped in Dog House Found Dumped in Ditch

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One day, a woman walking her dog noticed something strange at the bottom of the gutter.

Upon approaching, she found a ginger-colored cat trapped inside.


With a storm approaching, there was no way the cat would make it through the night, and she arrived just in time.

As you can imagine, this poor kitten had been abandoned without food, water, or even a blanket to protect her from the impending cold.

The woman could not believe that anyone could be so mean to her pet, so she took it to a nearby animal shelter, the Wolcott Dog Shelter.

The shelter happily took in the adorable ginger kitten and immediately shared this sad story on social media.

The shelter says this is not the way to “rehome” an animal.

Releasing a pet is cruel and inhumane.

Desmond’s Army, an organization that aims to raise awareness of animal cruelty laws, is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

At least the kitten is now being properly cared for and, if adopted, will live happily in a forever home.

UPDATE: The paperwork has been completed and this beautiful kitten has found a new home.

We hope the culprit is brought to justice soon.


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