A stray kitten wins the heart of the family who took him in off the streets.

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A couple found a little kitten without its mother. They gave her the help she needed and never stopped thinking about her.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie


A couple found a newborn kitten alone in their neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Knowing she needed to be bottle-fed 24 hours a day, they immediately sought help for her.

The kitten arrived at my house when she was two days old. She looked like she’d been abandoned in a well-known Washington cat colony,” Humane Rescue Alliance volunteer Susie H. told Love Meow. She has a loud purr and is very vocal when cuddled after a bottle.”

The kitten they named Petunia (aka Tuna) was very talkative despite her small size. When she was awake, she had lots to say and meowed continuously, wanting to be left alone until she was cuddled.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie

Susie added: “When I was on the phone at work or writing in my home office, he was usually on my lap so I could keep him company.”

As the kitten grew, her personality quickly blossomed. She attracted the resident cat, Ali, who became a good companion for the kittens whenever Susie wanted to be away for a while. Whenever Tuna cried, Ali would run to her.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie

A few weeks later, Susie welcomed a new foster family called Closie. Tuna, who was a week behind in her development, was delighted to have a friend to play with. Although she was still struggling to understand her paws and coordination, she desperately tried to keep up with her feline friend.

After jumping and waddling with Closie, Tuna wrapped her arms around her and did what she does best.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie

When it came to weaning, weaning little Tabby was easy. She took to it with flying colors. I put a plate in front of her and before I could sit on the floor and show her what was there, she was gobbling it up with a minimum of fuss,” says Susie.

Tuna, now full, was looking for a warm body to snuggle up to. When Tuna wants a cuddle, Tuna gets a cuddle.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie

The friendship between the two animals has really blossomed in their foster home. Tuna taught her friend to be a professional show cat and introduced him to her foster brother Ali.

Mischievous Tabby also taught Closie to sneak up on the ginger cat and play with his big fluffy tail.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie

The couple who had been fostering Tuna fell in love with the kitten and came back for him. They decided to make her part of their family.

She went from the size of a hen’s egg to a beautiful chick. To complete the circle, she went on a car trip with the couple who found her (a few days ago) and decided they couldn’t live without her,” said Susie.

Tuna was a very easy kitten to take in, she was so happy, healthy and sweet. Last week, when she woke me up in the morning, she would stick her face to mine, purr and kiss my nose.

Her friend Closie has also been adopted into a good home. This sweet tabby loves her VIP life and continues to cuddle everyone around her.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie

This little stray has grown into a beautiful tabby kitten.

I’m so grateful to have been part of [these kittens’] journey and to have spent time loving them,” said Susie.

Tabby kitten, paws, cute.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie

“Tuna is a very easy-going kitten who is so happy, healthy and sweet. During her last week she developed a habit of waking me up every morning by putting her face in mine and purring and kissing my nose.

Her friend Clozee was also adopted by a wonderful family. This sweet tabby loves her VIP life and continues to embrace everyone around her.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie

This former stray has morphed into a beautiful tiger spotted cat.

“I am so grateful to be able to spend some time caring for (these kittens) and be a part of their life’s journey,” Susie said.

Susie @dcfostermomsusie

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