A Stray Cat Decides to Say Goodbye to Life on the Street and Returns to the Woman Who Helped Him

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When a stray cat decided to say goodbye to her past life, she returned to the woman who helped her.

Celine Crome, a member of the Chatons Orphelins organization in Montreal, Canada, found a cat that was always hanging around in front of her house.


It was obviously hungry and looking for its next meal.

She gave it food and water every day, as it always hid when Celine tried to approach it.

Celine named it “Lucky Chrom” and it is now Celine’s regular companion.

The raccoon began coming to Celine’s house every day for dinner.

Celine thought the raccoon’s mouth needed treatment, so she set a humane trap near where she fed it and took it to the vet to get the treatment the raccoon needed most.

Celine told us, “We put the bait in and by the end of the day, the raccoon was walking around like it was ready to get off the street.”

When they arrived at the veterinary clinic, they realized he was in terrible shape. He is filthy and his coat is very fluffy.

He cannot eat properly due to an infection in his mouth and must have been in pain for a long time. He needs dental surgery to recover.

They estimate that Lucky was about 7 years old and tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).

‘For a cat that has lived outdoors for so many years, this should not come as a surprise. He will probably need dental surgery to recover,” the veterinarian explained.

The whole experience was terrifying for him, as he was not used to human contact. But once he was on the road to recovery, he began to adapt to the people who helped him.

Everything went well,” he said. His teeth are almost gone and his little tongue is sticking out, which makes him more attractive,” Celine told Love Meow.” Lucky has had all the knots and pads removed and can now sleep peacefully.”

It didn’t take long for him to find a foster home, for his timidity to disappear, and for him to begin to come out of his shell. In fact, he became a complete snoring machine!

“He came out of his shell and started making the most adorable meowing noises to get people’s attention. He stopped hissing and spitting and became curious and calm.”

His foster family dotes on him and spoils him with lots of treats,

His foster family explains that he is now very affectionate, likes food and attention, purrs a lot, and sticks out his tongue when he is happy (partly due to his lack of teeth).

He has really come a long way since Celine rescued him from the streets.

Find out more about Chatons Orphelins Montréal here


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